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10 Of Gwendoline Christie’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Gwendoline Christie brilliantly played Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones and all the fans of the show will agree that she was freaking phenomenal. Not only is Gwendoline an incredible actress, but she’s also known to be a fashion queen!

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12 Fun Things You Should Know About Sophie Turner

She’s beautiful, talented and brilliant and we think you should know more about her life and personality. Do you know what kind of a pet she has? Who’s her best friend? What’s Sophie Turner’s darkest secret? What’s her weirdest phobia?

8 TV Series Characters We Would Love to See Together

Some couples in TV shows get their happy endings, while others get storylines that don’t do their fierce passion justice. Here are TV characters we would have adored as couples – they deserved to finish their seasons with fairytale endings, but it just wasn’t written into their destinies.