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Angelina Jolie’s Strange New Appearance Worries People


When Angelina Jolie made a rare public appearance at the Broadway premiere of her musical “The Outsiders,” she looked as stunning as always. Still, people noticed that there was something a bit off about her appearance. While her mega-watt smile was as radiant as always, she didn’t look like her usual self, and it had fans worried. 

Accompanying her 15-year-old daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt on the red carpet, Jolie wore an elegant gold dress with a rust-toned cape while her daughter rocked a trendy blue jumpsuit. 

The Oscar-winning actress and executive producer of “The Outsiders” explained that Vivienne is passionate about theater, describing her daughter as a thoughtful young person committed to figuring out how she could contribute to the industry in a meaningful way. Everyone was delighted to see the two together for a mother-daughter bonding outing on the red carpet. As usual, everyone’s eyes were on Jolie due to her usual attention-grabbing beauty and presence.  

Online, the star was praised with compliments from the masses, with many adding that she stood out from the crowd, even on a red carpet. People even started referring to the A-lister as “one of the world’s hottest women,” and one commenter mentioned that she looked even more gorgeous than she usually does. 

Although comments about Angelina Jolie were positive ones filled with admiration, some people did speculate about the changes to her appearance, leading some to wonder if she had work done or underwent a cosmetic procedure. One fan commented, “Angelina looks different. Or am I crazy?” Another was convinced that the change was due to a facelift or some other form of plastic surgery, and the star was described as looking “strange” by another.


While the celeb has not confirmed whether this gossip is true, Jolie has never tried to hide her affinity for plastic surgery. Like many celebrities, she’s openly spoken about her choice to go under the knife. However, for Angie, one of her cosmetic surgery decisions was a highly personal one related to her health. 

After her doctor informed her that she had a high genetic risk of experiencing breast cancer, the star made a brave decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. After this procedure was completed, the “Maleficent” actress opted for reconstructive surgery with implants. To this day, she stands behind the decision and is happy with the result. 

Beyond cosmetic surgery, Jolie is known for her tattoos. On the night of the premiere, highly observant fans noted that she had some new ink on her inner arm reading “stay gold,” which is apparently a tribute to a line from “The Outsiders.” The tattoo is an emotionally significant one, as other producers from the show got the same phrase inked on them.