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Celebrity Couples Who Are Still Together After Many Years


Although it seems like the average celebrity relationship lifespan is under a year and we’re constantly hearing about breakups and scandals, there are actually some stars who have manifested their happily ever after. Here are the top famous celebs who have shown that true love really is possible, even in a place like Hollywood. 

1. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi, 14 Years

This LGBTQ+ couple first made a connection in 2004 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Only a year later, they moved in together. Fast forward to 2008 when the couple got married at their stunning Beverly Hills estate, and they’re still happily together 14 years later. 

2. Kelly Ripa & Mark Conseulos, 26 Years

This good-looking couple has been together for decades, and they’ve both aged very gracefully while doing so! Meeting on the set of All My Children, this pair experienced true puppy love 26 years ago and never looked back. Their wedding was a spontaneous one in Las Vegas in 1996 – an elopement, to be specific. They have three children together. 

3. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, 10 Years

With a relationship and family that’s straight out of a fairytale, these two celebs have been together for over a decade. They started out with a sweet, goofy friendship that blossomed into something else. First meeting on the set of a movie, their romance didn’t blossom until many years (and multiple marriages) later. 

4. David and Victoria Beckham, 23 years

Posh met her dream man at the height of her Spice Girls days. After the attractive duo joined forces, it was clear that they would become an immediate power couple. Today, they have four kids (also extremely photogenic) and a roster of famous couple friends such as Will and Jada Smith. 

5. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham, 35 Years

Oprah certainly kept Stedman a secret, but not because she was ashamed of him. Instead, the talk show host’s sense of privacy and refusal to get married has kept this happy couple together for a whopping 35 years. Proof that you should always do things your own way and not listen to anybody else!

6. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, 25 years

These two don’t speak much on their marriage publicly. They call their marriage “the one thing left that’s really and truly ours” but they have spoken on admiring each other’s acting skills from afar.  After meeting when Broderick directed a play for SJP’s brother’s theater company, it was fireworks. 25 years later, they’re still here.

7. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, 15 years


One of the realest and funniest couples out there, Chrissy and John have a lot of relatable moments with us normal people which is why we love them so much. They’ve always been transparent with each other and the public and dated for 8 years before tying the knot in 2011.

8. Jay Z and Beyonce, 14 years 

From the release of Bonnie and Clyde to the Lemonade scandal, it’s clear that this long-time couple has been through a lot and has always processed their pain through music. They’ve accepted that the public will be privy to their relationship, and maybe that’s why they’ve lasted so long. They’ve actually dated since Bey was 19 years old. Still, they keep themselves grounded and connected to each other, and they’ll soon be celebrating 15 years together with Ivy and the twins. 

9. Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee Furness, 26 years

Hollywood hottie Hugh Jackman has gotten a lot of flack for not dating another celebrity or a supermodel – people have said terrible things about his wife, but he’s still stood by her after all these years, not letting the gossip sway him. After spending over a quarter of a century together, the couple has adopted two kids together, and Jackman says on their relationship, “the longer it goes on, the better it gets.”

10. Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen, 12 years

This photogenic couple had a rough time when they first met. The sparks flew after he broke up with his former girlfriend, who was actually pregnant. Still, Gisele and Tom’s foundation seemed to be strong as they stuck with each other through the tough times and today, over a decade later, are still together and have their own children.

11. Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, 40 years

It truly is amazing that Sharon has put up with all of Ozzy’s antics over the years and stayed by his side.  But for a whopping 4 decades, it’s proven that they are each other’s destiny. Sharon met Ozzy when she was 18 and her dad signed Black Sabbath to his record label. In 1982, they tied the knot in Hawaii. Even through a lifetime of controversies, they’ve had each other’s back and share three children together. 

12. Prince William and Kate Middleton, 11 years

While they certainly don’t have the most years under their belt,  it’s clear that Kate and William are in it for the long haul and share three kids today. Meeting in their University days, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. While they’re a little more prim and proper in their royal positions today, you can still sense their affection for each other, unlike older royal generations.