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Christina Aguilera’s Most Dramatic Transformations


Throughout her career, it has been a roller coaster ride for pop superstar Christina Aguilera. She has had many changes as her career has progressed. But no matter the good, the bad or the ugly, Christina Aguilera has continued to stay relevant. Many artists with such a long-spanning career have not been able to stay in the industry after so many years. But Christina has been able to find a way to make her initial career as a musical artist transfer into other gigs in the entertainment industry. To learn more about the amazing career of this mega star, read on about Christina Aguilera’s most dramatic transformations. 

Christina started her career at a very young age. 

She became an idol during her teen years and her music defined pop music for an entire generation. Here’s more about how she got her start in the entertainment industry. 

Christina Aguilera has been known to have a major voice since the 90’s.

Christina started her journey to stardom on the popular show Star Search, back in the year 1990 when the show was at its height of popularity. She sang “A Sunday Kind of Love,” and did an amazing job. Many thought she would be the winner as she had an amazing set of pipes, even back then at a young age. It was her very first appearance on television, but unfortunately she did not win. She lost to Christopher Eason. “My mom made me, you know, be a good sport, go up and congratulate Christopher Eason,“ she told Jay Leno in 2012. 

Christina Aguilera began to outshine her entertainment cohorts. 

After losing on Star Search, Christina Aguilera ended up joining the Mickey Mouse Club, with future stars like Ryan Gosling. At the time, The Mickey Mouse Club was very popular, and gave the featured cool kids on the show a lot of publicity and exposure. While on the Mickey Mouse Club, she had a great run and started to outshine her counterparts like Britney Spears, who acted as her backup dancer in some performances. She had a squeaky-clean image and the audience really resonated with the young budding star. 

Christina Aguilera was ready to blossom after her costars did. 


Back in 1999, Christina Aguilera gave an interview about how she was a little anxious to get her career started like the rest of her pop star competition had. “I would watch Britney [Spears] and the N’Sync guys on [Total Request Live] and I’d feel proud of them, but also, part of me was like, ‘Okay, when am I finally gonna come out,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Christina Aguilera got her big break with Disney movie Mulan. 

After being patient and watching others reach success as artists, Christina got a random phone call from her manager telling her to record herself singing Whitney Houston’s song “I Want to Run to You,” in the key of “high E above middle C.” That single phone call totally changed her life. They overnighted the tape to Los Angeles, sources say. That tape landed her the gig of singing Reflection in Mulan, one of the most loved Disney tunes of all time. She went on to be in the music video for Reflection, and showed herself as much more mature and grown-up than her Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search days. 

Christina Aguilera ended up ditching her good girl image. 

It was after her debut with Mulan, that Christina Aguilera decided to shed her good girl image. She released Genie in a Bottle as her debut single, and her music video was anything but squeaky clean. She was showing off her belly dancing skills in a drop top convertible, and sporting a platinum blonde ‘do with quintessential turn of the 21st century makeup. This is what started Christina Aguilera on a new trajectory for her career.