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Courtney Cox Reveals Experience Filming “Friends” Birth Scenes Amidst 7 Miscarriages


Despite the TV show “Friends” being full of smiling characters, actors had their own real-life issues going on behind the scenes. It turns out filming the iconic birth scene in the 90s show wasn’t easy for Cox, who was going through her own fertility issues at the time. Despite putting on a brave face, not many people knew about her eye-opening and heart-wrenching story. Even the funniest characters in our favorite shows are going through hardships, and this is a good reminder of that.

The “Friends” cast had their problems, and so did Cox

In the show, Monica Geller strongly desired cleanliness, and Courtney Cox’s preference in real life wasn’t that far off. Another thing she could relate to was the difficulty of starting a family. While Monica was trying to have a baby of her own, Cox experienced multiple miscarriages in her own life.

She put her pain aside to film a legendary, beloved “Friends” scene

In an interview, Cox once mentioned, “I remember one time, I’d just had a miscarriage and Rachel was giving birth. It was like that same time. It was terrible having to be funny.” Despite the moment being an extremely challenging one, Cox courageously pushed through and came out on the other side.

This cloud has a silver lining 

After she wed David Arquette in 1999, Courtney Cox suffered through a total of seven miscarriages because of antibodies that were attacking her fetus. Later on, she discovered that a MTHFR gene mutation was the reason for the miscarriages. This mutation can increase the risk of blood clots. As a result, Cox received two rounds of IVF. She was finally successful and gave birth to her daughter Coco in 2004, right before her 40th birthday.


Some people aren’t aware, but Cox was pregnant with Coco while filming the final season of “Friends.” While the process of getting pregnant wasn’t the hardest for Courtney Cox, maintaining the pregnancy was the hard part. IVF, baby aspirin, and shots of the blood thinner known as heparin.

Speaking out and advocating for others

While many celebrities have struggled with fertility, they keep it secret behind closed door. Cox saw things differently. She wanted to be transparent about her struggles and shed light on her journey of pregnancy and miscarriages. She starred in the TV show “Nine Months With Courtney Cox,” which follows expectant mothers on their pregnancy journey.

There’s always hope

After making it out of the other side of her struggles, Cox is living her life to the fullest with her determination and strength. Her complicated journey toward motherhood is a reminder to always have hope, even when you’re dealing with adversity. Her story can inspire and encourage others who are dealing with their own challenges and trying to walk into a brighter, more optimistic future.