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Famous Mothers Who Sacrificed Everything For Their Children


Mother’s Day takes place in May, so it only makes sense that we would close out the month by giving a shoutout to moms, who do so much for us to be happy. Here are all the famous mothers who did “everything” for their kids and more. 

1. When Kris Jenner reacted to Kim’s video

In a TV interview, Kris Jenner got truthful when she talked about her daughter Kim’s tape being leaked. She had multiple reactions due to being Kim’s mother and her manager. Kris admitted that when she found out about the video, “as a mother: I wanted to kill her” but “as her manager, I wanted her to get over it quickly.” Now, dealing with the fallout of their daughter’s sex tape is something that not many moms can say they’ve experienced!

2. Post-video leak: Kris got Kim in a Playboy shoot

These two certainly have an unusual relationship — after Kim’s video was released, it wreaked havoc and was all over the tabloids. The controversy continued, so Kris went with the saying, “All press is good press,” and took advantage of the moment by having Kim show up in the renowned men’s magazine Playboy. Kim was on the fence about posing nude, but after Kris negotiated a larger paycheck for the photos, she finally agreed.

3. That time Victoria Beckham rocked an $8,000 purse to her son’s soccer game

Victoria brought a whole other meaning to the phrase “soccer mom” when she showed up in ultra-short denim shorts and a jaw-dropping $8,000 bag to her son’s school games. Although the attention was intended to be on the kids, Victoria stole the spotlight with her pricey Birkin bag, which came complete with a group of bodyguards who were watching over and protecting the celeb.

4. When Angelina Jolie bought her daughter a mini version of her own bag

Like mother, like daughter! In 2009, on a stroll in NYC, actress Angelina Jolie was photographed going on a stroll with her daughter Sahara. The two had matching accessories: Angie rocked a $5,000 Valentino, and her daughter carried an identical version of the purse, but much smaller. It’s ironic that years later, Sahara became an activist who criticized the “rich and privileged” when she had once experienced the perks of that lifestyle!

5. That moment Princess Diana broke all the rules and ran

Although many of the moments on this list might be sarcastic, this is truly one that tugs at our heartstrings. Princess Di broke protocol and made history after attending a Sports Day at her son Harry’s school. People weren’t sure the royal would attend and definitely didn’t think she would participate, but she gave it her all, showing up barefoot and running full speed, her competitive streak coming out amongst the other parents!


6. Blac Chyna doing the “Mannequin Challenge” before she gave birth

Just minutes before Rob Kardashian’s ex, Blac Chyna, gave birth, she completed an internet challenge. Right before they welcomed their baby girl, they pulled it off, showing a frame-by-frame shot of everyone else in the room. The cameras were already there, so why not give it a shot?

7. Kylie Jenner giving her daughter a “bus”

Kylie Jenner once said that her daughter Stormi was always curious about what it would be like to go on a school bus (probably because she’s chauffeured in a luxury vehicle whenever she goes to school), and Kylie helped her dream come true. Allowing her daughter to get into some role play and live the life of a regular working-class person for a day, Kylie went the extra mile and gifted her daughter a whole school bus for her birthday.