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How 10 A-Lister Celebs Lost More Than 40 Pounds


Losing weight is a major feat, whether you’re a celebrity or a normal person. And it’s not unusual in Hollywood for stars to undergo complete transformations due to weight loss. While some of these results come courtesy of plastic surgery, many celebs like Shonda Rhimes and Jessica Simpson lost up to 100 pounds just through diet, exercise and taking time to focus on themselves. Adele is one of the best recent examples of what can happen when celebrities start to take their health more seriously. Here are all the other famous folks who have lost over 40 pounds and just how they did it. 

1. Shonda Rhimes

One of the masters behind TV’s biggest shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away with Murder”, Rimes accomplished losing a whopping 150 pounds by doing a few things — she only ate when hungry, stayed hydrated with plenty of water, and hired a personal trainer. She may not have loved the process and doesn’t enjoy discussing the topic — still, we’re proud of her for doing what she needed to do!

2. Jennifer Hudson 

The former Dream Girl had America fall in love with her when she first came on our screens with “American Idol” but four years later, she made headlines for another reason. In 2011, she lost 80 pounds. Part of this was thanks to a partnership with Weight Watchers and the fact that she cooks all her meals at home. Finding a workout she enjoyed was also important, saying that no matter how much money you have, mindset is the most important.

3. Rebel Wilson

In 2020, Wilson announced that she lost 40 pounds. She did so in a theme move — for the last few years, she had tackled love and fun, but after turning 40, she decided to tackle her “Year of Health”. After years of ignoring her health and eating lots of sugar due to her sweet tooth, Wilson decided to take a more holistic approach to her emotional eating. She also switched out carbs for high-protein foods.

4. Chris Pratt

Once known as the lovable goof on “Parks and Recreation”, Chris Pratt has come a long way. When he signed on to Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” he shed 60 pounds. How, do you ask? He increased his calories to 4,000 a day and drank water all day, which caused him to urinate all day long — this was his last favorite part of the weight loss process. Beyond that, he did running, kickboxing and swimming for up to four hours daily!

5. Jessica Simpson

Losing baby weight is a battle for many women, and no one knows that better than Jessica Simpson, who weighed 240 pounds after giving birth to her three kids. But she lost 100 just by focusing on exercise — she walked 14,000 steps daily, did gym workouts, and made sure she got at least seven hours of sleep nightly.


6. Kirstie Alley 

This comedic actress has been on our radar since “Cheers” in the 80s and has always been open about the rollercoaster that is weight loss. In 2004, she lost 75 pounds, famously partnering with Jenny Craig.  Although she kept it off for a few years, she gained it back. But competing in “Dancing with the Stars” helped her shed 100 pounds. Through this journey, she learned that how much you weigh doesn’t matter, as long as you’re happy. 

7. John Goodman

This “Roseanne” star lost a major amount of weight in 2015 just by sticking to the Mediterranean diet and eating a lot less red meat. Portion control was also a key part of Goodman’s journey. After “shoving everything into my mouth” for years, he realized that saying no could have its power too. 

8. Mo’Nique

You may have remembered this famous queen for her award-winning role in ”Precious.” In 2014, exercise helped Mo’Nique lose 80 pounds and help her be her healthiest. Today, she’s looking better than ever. She admitted to focusing on workouts and hiring a trainer for the sake of her husband and children and today, she’s thriving more than ever. 

9. Action Bronson

Although being a big guy is kind of part of his shtick when he had his show on Vice called “F—, That’s Delicious,” he started to develop poor eating habits which ended up causing pre-diabetes, asthma, and even skin issues. In 2019, when he had his son, he started taking his health more seriously and began doing workouts with medicine balls, boxing and burpees, as well as adopting a “boring” diet. 

10. Christina Aguilera

Although she had a successful career in music and “The Voice”, Christina Aguilera lost herself along the way. She wasn’t able to prioritize herself and self-care and gained weight as a result. When she did take that time, she started eating foods like blueberries, shrimp and celery, ultimately losing 50 pounds.