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Inside Wanda Sykes’ Long-Term Relationship With Alex Niedbalski 


Wanda Sykes has been with her longtime wife, Alex Sykes ever since 2008. The couple met in 2006 on a ferry ride to the famous gay destination, Fire Island. The two hit it off after Wanda discussed her home renovation plans, and Alex revealed that she had a granite countertop business. They dated for two years before deciding to tie the knot. 

And as Wanda continues her career in acting and comedy, Alex has made a name for herself in natural stone production at the firm Polycor, where she is Chief Public Relations and Public Affairs Officer. 

The women had twins, Lucas and Olivia, in 2009. When Wanda was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and received a double mastectomy, Alex remained a supportive and loving partner over the years. They’ve navigated all kinds of challenges together and made it through the other side more resilient. 

Although Alex might be the punchline in some of Wanda’s jokes, their marriage has remained strong over the years, and the couple has remained beloved by the public and Wanda’s fans. 

Wanda Sykes came out as gay, but only after her wedding

Sykes didn’t come out as a lesbian right away. She was married to a man (music producer Dave Hall) for seven years in the 90s, and only a month after her wedding to Alex did she publicly come out. It took place during a November 2008 gay rights rally in Las Vegas. 

She joked with talk show host Meredith Vieira, saying about the event: “It just came out, you know. Because I just got married, and so instead of speaking as a supporter, I was speaking as one of the, I guess, victims.”


Although the world celebrated Wanda Sykes revealing her true identity, it wasn’t the same for her family — at least not right away. Sadly, her mother asked that she remain in the closet, and both her parents refused to attend the wedding. 

However, after an intervention from other relatives, Wanda’s family is currently in full support of their daughter and her sexuality, fully embracing her relationship. 

Wanda told People Magazine, “But you’re making me a little nervous, though. Maybe I should go follow her on Instagram, see what she’s yappin’ about! But no, it’s all good here. Matter of fact, we were just talking about getting a new mattress!” 

They’ve faced divorce rumors

Rumors about Alex and Wanda’s potential divorce have swirled around, but nobody is sure of the source. On a February 2021 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Wanda shut them down. The gossip doesn’t affect their relationship too much. For Christmas 2023, the couple spent the day exchanging hilarious gifts like a “baby chainsaw,” and Wanda prepped a huge Christmas Day turkey.