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Mindy Kaling Is Not Making Weight Loss Resolutions, And Neither Should You


Mindy has shared that 2021 is the year that she decided not to make the oh-so-popular resolution to lose weight. She, like many of us, has been on and off diets for all her life. You could say it’s a lifelong rollercoaster. But having had a second child recently, she’s decided it’s time to just enjoy life and live for yourself. She’s focusing on her family and being in quarantine for a year definitely changed her perspective in a good way.

When Mindy was pregnant with her first child, she knew she had a movie to shoot pretty soon after, and she was constantly stressed about not putting on too much weight while pregnant, and then very focused on losing as much weight as quickly as possible after giving birth. She basically admitted to eating fish and salads for 2 months straight. And now, looking back, Mindy admits that all that stress about gaining and losing weight took away from her enjoying her pregnancy. 

This time around, since everyone was in quarantine, Mindy just kept to herself. No one even knew she was pregnant until she gave birth to her son. It was good to relax a little, have a normal pregnancy. She had no TV shows or movies to shoot or direct or star in, just like the rest of us, Hollywood was on pause. So she could just rest, recover, spend time with her kids. 


Instead of focusing on appearance, Mindy has decided to focus on how she feels and do things for her well-being. Instead of dieting like crazy, she’s just trying to make sure she eats healthy, instead of a workout regimen, she goes for walks or plays with her children. She also says she’s now better friends with her neighbors – they’re now text buddies, and before quarantine, she didn’t even know them. 

Mindy even did a photoshoot in her backyard for Vogue India and she’s surprised at how comfortable she felt in her own body. At first, she was definitely cautious about agreeing to that photoshoot. On one hand – come on, it’s Vogue  how can you possibly say no to that? On the other hand – there’s no studio, no lighting setup to make her look thinner, smaller, younger, etc. But at the end of the day, it’s being comfortable in your own skin and feel at home that makes you look your best, so that photoshoot came out absolutely stunning. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not like quarantine can make all your problems and responsibilities go away, after all, Mindy is still a single mom with two jobs. But being nicer to yourself and removing unnecessary stress from your life is a change we should all embrace. Take care of yourself instead of trying to shrink yourself or punish yourself. Rest when you need to, eat well, go on walks in nature (or walk on a treadmill in front of your TV, whatever floats your boat), and treat yourself with kindness and respect.