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Patrick Swayze Gives Wife Blessing To Remarry


When renowned “Dirty Dancing” actor Patrick Swayze passed away, his wife, Lisa Niemi, was heartbroken. But after she became a widow, a conversation with the late Swayze in her dreams set off a journey that merged the past with the present, grief with happiness, and nostalgia for her late soulmate with the beauty of newfound love.

Lisa’s story of new beginnings, which she only recently shared, started with some hesitation. Although she started getting feelings for Albert DePrisco, she was understandably still attached to the memory of Swayze and wasn’t ready to start anew. It felt impossible for her to dive into a new relationship when so much of her was still attached to her late husband. But in a surprising twist, her destiny would be revealed in a dream that would fuse her past and her future, bringing Lisa peace and allowing her to move on.

In Lisa’s dream, Patrick spoke to her, reassuring her and affirming that their bond transcended the limits of mortality. Though he didn’t speak in the dream, she somehow still understood him and his intention of appearing. As he gave her his blessing to start another relationship after his passing with Albert, Lisa described the feeling of clarity and a heavy burden being released. The moment was an enlightenment that even through death, love finds a way to communicate and say what needs to be said.


Still, despite Patrick’s blessing and the start of a new love story, Lisa never let go of Patrick’s memory and remained spiritually connected to him. She said that his voice would often help her through decisions, and he would often playfully remind her to “get real.” After spending 34 years together, Patrick was a part of her. Their legacy of love would continue to guide her life even after his passing. 

When Lisa moved on with Albert, he never replaced Patrick. Instead, he became her companion who accepted all that Lisa had gone through, unconditionally embracing her past, present, and future with an open mind. Even as this new chapter began, Lisa would hold Patrick’s memory close to her heart, letting his light illuminate the path to her future. Although her grief will never disappear, her love and resilience are a testament to not just the human spirit but to how the otherworldly power of love goes beyond the limits of space and time.