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Peeling Back the Layers of Priyanka’s Private Life and Maternal Journey


This talented actress is known for her mesmerizing performances on the silver screen, but she’s peeling back the layers of her private life to reveal the joys and challenges of motherhood. In a recent interview, Priyanka shared rare details about her daughter, Malti, and her husband, Nick Jonas, giving us a glimpse into their world filled with love, fear, and lots of coffee in bed.

A Journey Filled with Fear and Strength

Parenthood is a journey filled with immense joy and, at times, unfathomable fear. Priyanka and Nick faced this head-on when their daughter, Malti, spent more than 100 days in a NICU unit after her birth. Priyanka candidly expressed how those tumultuous months changed her as a parent. She vividly recalled pressing her ear against Malti’s chest just to ensure she was breathing, highlighting the deep sense of responsibility and protection that comes with motherhood. Priyanka and Nick’s love for their daughter knows no bounds, and they have become unwavering pillars of strength for Malti, cherishing each smile and moment of happiness.

Love, Support, and Coffee in Bed

Behind the glitz and glamour, Priyanka and Nick navigate the delicate balance between their careers and family life. Priyanka shared the secret to their success: mutual support and doing the little things that matter. Nick, being the doting husband he is, recognized Priyanka’s love for coffee in bed, and now it’s a cherished ritual. As Priyanka puts it, support is a two-way street, and their partnership shines as they conquer the challenges together.

From Blockbusters to Citadel: Priyanka’s Next Adventure

As Priyanka delves into her professional life, she reveals her excitement about her upcoming role in the Netflix series Citadel. Playing the character of Nadia Sinh, a top agent in a global spy network, Priyanka is ready to take on action scenes, deliver cool lines, and show the world her versatility. Citadel breaks away from the male-dominated genre by introducing a strong, gender-swapped lead, and Priyanka is eager to flex her muscles and tackle complex roles.

Fighting for Equality in Hollywood

Beyond the glimmering lights of Tinseltown, Priyanka is an advocate for gender equality in the entertainment industry. Recently, she collaborated with Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios, to ensure equal pay with her male co-star on an upcoming project. Priyanka believes that having more women in positions of power creates opportunities for other talented women, fostering an inclusive and diverse industry.


Cherishing Family Time and Finding Balance

For Priyanka, family has become the cornerstone of her life. In her twenties, she admits that she didn’t prioritize spending time with loved ones. However, becoming a mother and building a home with Nick has transformed her perspective. She now recognizes the magic and healing power of family and the profound impact it has on her overall well-being. Priyanka cherishes the moments she spends with Malti, her mother, and her husband, noting that those precious moments motivate her to give her best in her work. She emphasizes the importance of finding that balance between personal and professional life and encourages others to prioritize their loved ones as well.

Nick Jonas: The Old Soul and Safe Haven

In a delightful twist of fate, Priyanka shares how her initial perception of Nick was completely overturned. Initially underestimating him as too young and not ready to settle down, she discovered that he was, in fact, an old soul. Their first date revealed the stability and depth of character she had been seeking. Over five years later, their bond is stronger than ever. Nick has become her cheerleader, celebrating her wins and supporting her in all aspects of her life. Priyanka appreciates his even-tempered nature and his ability to handle any challenge with grace, while also being vulnerable and open with her. With Nick, she feels safe and loved—a sentiment she wishes for everyone.

Today, Malti is thriving, comforted by the Hindi lullabies that Priyanka sang to her during her NICU days. The actress also intends to raise her daughter as a bilingual individual, exposing her to both Hindi and English. Priyanka even took Malti to Mumbai, introducing her to the vibrant Indian culture and heritage that she holds dear.

As Priyanka Chopra peels back the layers of her private life, she invites us into her world of love, resilience, and pursuit of excellence. From her candid revelations about the challenges of motherhood to her unwavering support for gender equality, she shows us that even the brightest stars have their moments of vulnerability. Through her love for her daughter and her partnership with Nick Jonas, she exemplifies the power of strength, love, and mutual support.

Whether she’s slaying action scenes in Citadel or passionately fighting for equality, Priyanka Chopra is a force to be reckoned with. And as we eagerly await her future projects and milestones, we can’t help but admire her authenticity, resilience, and ability to embrace the many layers of her life.