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10 Nick Jonas Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

His proper breakthrough came when he starred in a Disney Channel movie and from that point on his music and acting career was in full swing. Even after the Jonas Brothers broke up he still successfully continued to be a solo musician. He’s also gotten a lot of attention recently for marrying Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. But this is pretty well known information, if you want to find out some Nick Jonas facts you probably didn’t know – just keep on reading.

Top 10 Red Carpet 2020 Looks (so far)

We’re not that far into 2020 yet, but there have still been some memorable red carpet fashion moments where celebrities have showed out in their best. Here are the most well-crafted fashion moments of the 2020 award circuit so far.

Biggest Hollywood It Girls Through The Years

A new decade is already upon us, so it is only fitting to take a look at the most gorgeous, rebellious, and breathtaking women from the past. Every decade has its so called ‘It Girl’ and most times there is more than just one woman who makes an impact on the whole culture with her talent, looks, views, and headlines she creates.

10 Actresses with the Most Beautiful Eyes | Her Beauty

10 Actresses with the Most Beautiful Eyes

Many famous women have different physical attributes that make them stand out from the crowd, and have even skyrocketed them to stardom. Take these female celebs with stunning eyes, for instance. Their dreaminess isn’t just because of having breathtaking eyes, but it definitely helps!

Celebrity Image Changes We Don’t Remember

Celebrities often like to change their style and try new things but some of them go through so many phases and styles that it’s hard to keep track and remember all of them. In the end, they all end up with a signature look that is uniquely theirs and instantly recognizable. But today we thought we’d throw you a curveball and remind you of certain celebrity image changes that you probably forgot about.