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Celebs Who Are No Longer Friends With Meghan Markle


Ah, celebrity friendships. They sparkle brightly under the public eye, only to sometimes combust in a blaze of tabloid headlines and speculative whispers. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has had her fair share of these high-profile connections. But what happens when the royal glow dims and the fairy-tale friendships turn into pumpkin-spiced drama?

The “Suits” Cast: Not Suited Anymore

Then: Meghan Markle shot to fame playing the whip-smart paralegal Rachel Zane on the hit TV series ‘Suits.’ Her on-screen chemistry with co-stars such as Patrick J. Adams and Sarah Rafferty was undeniable, leading to close friendships off-screen. They shared red carpets, inside jokes, and many an Instagram post, portraying an enviable camaraderie that fans adored.

What Changed: The royal wedding. When Meghan married Prince Harry, her life underwent a seismic shift. The once-tight-knit ‘Suits’ crew found themselves drifting apart. The demanding royal schedule, coupled with the geographical distance and the intense scrutiny Meghan faced, made it challenging to maintain those bonds.

Now: The ‘Suits’ gang still speaks fondly of Meghan, but the close-knit days are a thing of the past. Patrick J. Adams defended her against media criticism, but they no longer share the easy banter of their TV days. It’s a classic case of “we’ll always have Toronto,” but not much more.

The Beckhams: Royal Suspicions

Then: The Beckhams and the Sussexes were the ultimate power couples. Victoria and David Beckham were among the star-studded guests at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Their mutual respect and admiration were apparent, with Meghan often turning to Victoria for fashion advice and the Beckhams basking in the royal association.

What Changed: Rumors of a rift began circulating when Meghan allegedly confronted Victoria about leaking stories to the press. Despite the lack of confirmation, this incident sufficiently cooled the once-warm friendship. Add in the relentless British tabloids, and the relationship began to strain under the weight of public speculation.

Now: The Beckhams are still friendly with the royals but not in the same chummy way they once were. They maintain a polite distance, possibly to avoid the media circus that surrounds the Sussexes. It’s less of a breakup and more of a conscious uncoupling, Gwyneth Paltrow style.

Jessica Mulroney: From BFF to No More

Then: Jessica Mulroney was Meghan’s best friend and unofficial stylist. Their bond was the stuff of Instagram legend, complete with coordinated outfits and heartfelt birthday posts. Jessica was a key figure at Meghan’s wedding, her children even playing starring roles as pageboys and a flower girl.

What Changed: In 2020, Jessica became embroiled in a controversy involving accusations of white privilege and bullying from lifestyle influencer Sasha Exeter. Meghan, navigating her own battles with the media and public opinion, reportedly felt it best to distance herself from the drama.


Now: The once-inseparable duo seems to have grown apart. While Jessica has hinted at their enduring friendship in vague social media posts, the public displays of affection have significantly waned. Meghan’s focus on her new life in California and Jessica’s on rebuilding her brand have left little room for the high-profile friendship they once flaunted.

Millie Mackintosh: Ghosted

Then: Millie Mackintosh, the Made in Chelsea star, and Meghan bonded over their mutual connections in the London social scene. Their friendship was full of glamorous outings and shared interests, painting the town red in the most stylish way possible.

What Changed: When Meghan’s relationship with Harry became serious, she reportedly started to reassess her social circle. Millie, with her reality TV past and penchant for high-society drama, didn’t quite fit into Meghan’s new life plans. The transition from Hollywood actress to a member of the royal family meant cutting ties with some old friends.

Now: Millie has been diplomatic, never publicly speaking ill of Meghan, but the social media silence between them speaks volumes. It’s a case of paths diverging, with Millie continuing her life in the UK spotlight and Meghan carving out a new identity across the pond.

Priyanka Chopra: The Wedding That Broke Them

Then: Meghan and Priyanka Chopra were the epitome of global glamour. Their friendship flourished, with mutual admiration and support in public appearances and interviews. Priyanka even attended Meghan’s royal wedding, adding her star power to the glittering guest list.

What Changed: The turning point allegedly came when Meghan didn’t attend Priyanka’s wedding to Nick Jonas. Rumors of a snub circulated, suggesting that Priyanka was upset by Meghan’s absence. The busy schedules and personal priorities of both women didn’t help bridge the gap.

Now: While Priyanka has publicly denied any feud, the frequency of their public interactions has noticeably decreased. They remain on friendly terms, but the days of high-profile hangouts and mutual praise seem to be a thing of the past. It’s a classic case of life getting in the way, with both women focusing on their own respective paths.

Friendships, especially those under the public microscope, are tricky. Meghan Markle’s transition from actress to duchess to independent public figure has undoubtedly impacted her relationships. The glittering alliances she once shared with her ‘Suits’ co-stars, the Beckhams, Jessica Mulroney, Millie Mackintosh, and Priyanka Chopra have all evolved, some fizzling out under the pressure of royal life, others fading due to the natural ebb and flow of personal priorities.

In the end, it’s a reminder that even in the world of the rich and famous, friendships can be as fragile as anyone else’s. While the glittering lights of Hollywood and the aloof demeanor of royalty may create captivating narratives, they are fundamentally similar to us, grappling with the intricacies of relationships, one Instagram unfollow at a time.