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Shakira And J.Lo Win The Super Bowl 2020


The Super Bowl is a strange thing. All of America goes crazy over an annual championship game of the National Football League, while the rest of the world is left kind of confused about the rules of American football and can’t understand what is the big deal. But realistically what most people care about is the halftime performance that usually features massive pop stars doing the best show they can. So let’s talk about the amazing performance J.Lo and Shakira put together.

The Halftime Show kicked off with Shakira shouting “Hola Miami” from the stage in a sexy red mini dress and matching boots, singing a shortened version of She Wolf surrounded by dancers performing a beautifully choreographed routine. I mean what a song to start the show.

Then we get to see an orchestra and Shakira rocking out to Empire with a bedazzled guitar. Somehow the dress becomes a crop top and a short skirt and Shakira is belly dancing with a rope which smoothly transitions into Whenever, Wherever. All we were all torn between singing along and thinking how the hell is Shakira 43, there’s just no way.

A duet of “I Like It Like That” with Bad Bunny has us cheering while Shakira is bringing on the heat on the stage. And suddenly they’ve switched to Spanish and Chantaje is playing and 6 gorgeous men are playing the trumpets and dancing behind Shakira. It feels like everything is happening all at once and by the time you catch up Shakira is stage diving to the tune of “Hips Don’t Lie” and finishing up her portion of the show with some impressive hip thrusts and a high kick. Fireworks everywhere, honestly it could end here and we’d be happy, but there’s more.


J.Lo appears on stage sexily draped over a pole wearing the leather costume and singing “Jenny From The Block ”. She gets to the chorus, shouts out “we from the Bronx, New York” and switches to the shortest ever snipped from “Ain’t That Funny” and then swiftly on to “Get Right” that is accompanied by a choreographed dance with a ballet and sparkly canes and a very impressive knee slide across the stage.

J.Lo also got to show off her pole dancing skills while performing “Waiting for Tonight” in a silver bodysuit. Again we’re wondering how is this woman 50? At this point, we no longer care that she got snubbed at the Oscars and didn’t get nominated for her role in Hustlers. Who cares about the Oscars? J.Lo’s winning the Super Bowl.

We also get highlights of “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “ On The Floor”. J.Lo’s daughter Emma takes the stage for “Let’s Get Loud”, suddenly Shakira is back and she’s playing the drums, J.Lo is walking out wearing the American flag, everyone gets loud and then we hear J.Lo start off Waka Waka for Shakira. What follows can only be described as a glorious dance-off between Shakira and J.Lo and that’s it, folks!

Some might say it was over-sexualised, others are weeping with joy at the fireworks of Latina representation. People on Twitter are losing their minds, everyone’s praising these two Latina queens and all we can say is – it’s been emotional.