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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Relationship Timeline

When Bennifer reunited in 2021, it felt like the celebs finally got the fairytale ending that they deserved. Only two years later, in 2023, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Loper are officially a married couple. The journey took a total of 20 years and two engagements, but they finally made it.

7 Famous Couples Who Secretly Got Married

Since celebrities often have their lives exposed without their permission, it makes sense that they would go to all measures to make sure that the media and the gossip-hungry public stay far away from their private ceremonies.

Jennifer Lopez Shoe Line – All You Need to Know

Jennifer Lopez may have had her summer 2020 wedding with Alex Rodriguez delayed, but that doesn’t mean she’s been slacking during quarantine. Instead, since she can’t do all the girl boss things that she usually does, she’s taking a little break and trying something new, as many of us have been doing. J.Lo launched her own shoe line and is doing all the same celebrity power moves from home, thank you very much.