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12 Celebs Over 50 Who Conquered the Red Carpet With Pure Elegance


In Hollywood, there’s no age limit to style. Sure, plastic surgery has helped stars remain youthful well into their 50s, but these stunning women prove that you can slay the red carpet at absolutely any age if you keep making Bold and fearless fashion choices that are made with elegance. Here are the most captivating women over 50 who are the definition of classy.

1. Salma Hayek

Still staring in Fiery roles like “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” franchise, this 55-year-old rivals women in their 30s with her trendy yet timeless outfits that are anything but predictable. She’s not afraid to take risks, and always looks good when doing so.

2. Jennifer Lopez

At 52, she still has abs of steel, and isn’t afraid to bare some skin on the red carpet. After all, she was practically clothing-free in “Hustlers,” and looked better than most twenty-something year olds in their prime. Now that Ben Affleck is back in her life, she has a new kind of glow.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP has always been famous for her groundbreaking fashion moves, ever since her starring role in “Sex and the City.” Who else could pull off a billowing hot pink bustier gown and non-matching shoes to boot? Even as a 56-year-old, she still takes the same daring style moves as she did back in the 90s and early 2000s.

4. Halle Berry

It kind of feels like cheating to include Halle Berry on here, since her face and body look the exact same as they did decades ago. As seen here, Berry is never afraid to pass up on a cleavage moment, and why would she? This fashion queen has had so many impressive fashion moments on the red carpet, from shiny pants to that naked Elie Saab dress from the 2002 Academy Awards.

5. Jane Fonda

At 83, iconic actress and activist Jane Fonda has totally reclaimed her grey hair, and the idea of an attractive power suit for women. While she still has a gown moment or two on the red carpet, we adore this empowered babe in suits like the boss she is.

6. Andy MacDowell

Andy’s looks have evolved to a more mature but just as dazzling wardrobe, with statement accessories and that stunning curly hair. She’s not afraid to rock her natural grays at 63, as inspired by quarantine,  and also doesn’t try to hide her wrinkles — there’s no need, since she looks as fabulous as ever.

7. Iman


Many jaws drop to the floor when they hear that Iman is 66 years old. She carries supreme goddess energy everywhere she goes, and always serves iconic 90s inspired looks. As she gets older, she doesn’t feel the need to dress dowdy, and we’re so glad.

8. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer has always rocked a sophisticated yet feminine style, and at 59, that hasn’t changed at all. Those signature beach waves paired with figure-hugging dresses proves that Pfeiffer won’t be age shamed into hiding her body. Why would she, when she’s a perfect 10?

9. Cindy Crawford

Even though she’s 55 years old, this ex supermodel still knows how to sparkle on the red carpet. Her looks are age appropriate yet still show off her assets, with unexpected color and texture choices that reflect her years of exposure to designer sin the fashion industry.

10. Kris Jenner

No one knows how to rock an all black moment like Kris Jenner. Her outfits are always edgy and modern — never outdated. Her style is definitely different from her daughters’, and if you look at her fashion evolution since KUWTK started, the mogul usually experiments with well-tailored looks in black or darker tones.

11. Glenn Close

Glenn Close is still a brilliant force onscreen and on the red carpet. Here, she rocks purple and silver sequins on a gorgeous dress layered over silk trousers, showing that modest fashion can in fact be breathtaking. At 74, she’s not trying to fit into the background due to getting older. Instead, she knows that she deserves the spotlight, and a chance to stand out all on her own. 

12. Nicole Kidman

With her long lines and slender body, it’s not hard for Nicole Kidman to turn heads on the red carpet. She likes to show a little thigh or midriff in her formal looks as well as experimenting with two-piece looks, but is also known to rock a pantsuit or two in her day. She always mixes it up, and never sticks to just one aesthetic.