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9 Sweet Celebs Who Married Awful People


You might think that just being famous grants you access to a fairytale romance, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, just like in real life, the sweetest celebrities have ended up marrying the worst humans. The saying “love is blind” is true for many of us, but these stars stayed married to folks who had issues with infidelity, control, abuse and more. Here are all the top famous couples that the public isn’t afraid to play the blame game with.

1. Sandra Bullock

A beloved Hollywood staple, Miss Congeniality once thanked her ex-husband Jesse James at the 2010 Oscars. Her teary-eyed speech didn’t look so great once people got wind of the news that her hubby was cheating on her with a bunch of women. That’s not even the worst part — one of them has a serious Nazi regalia collection and James himself has been linked to Nazi-related art. Yikes!

2. Kim Kardashian

Before Kanye, Reggie and Kris, Kim Kardashian was married to a guy called Damon Thomas. At the young age of 19, Kim eloped with Damon. Four years later, they broke up. According to court documents, Kardashian claimed that Thomas, who was 10 years older than her, isolated her from her friends and family and tried to convince her to drop out of college. According to Kim, he was also violent. There were episodes when he punched her, slammed her against walls and pulled her hair, as well as encouraging plastic surgery.

3. Paul McCartney

When Heather Mills and the former Beatle member divorced in March 2008, she tried to get her hands on $250 million. The Justice who presided over the split said that she made “ridiculous and exorbitant” requests, including $400,000 a year for private flights, $80,000 for wine and $250,000 for clothes. Although she was awarded $48.6 million, she still insulted him on TV, calling him irrelevant and saying that the star had to do songs with Kanye and Rihanna so people would remember her.

4. Mariah Carey

It’s not a shocker that Mariah is known as a diva in the music industry. However, that’s not an excuse for how record exec and ex-husband Tommy Mottola treated her. He was married with children when they met. Mottola was apparently so controlling that he wouldn’t let her leave their mansion alone and had her followed by security guards 24/7 — even when she went to the bathroom. From dictating her life to sabotaging her career, Mottola really did Mimi wrong and he still won’t stop talking about her to the media!

5. Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block was married to a guy called Ojani Noa back in the day. After they divorced and she rose to fame, Noa spoke about their relationship on the show “Million Dollar Matchmaker” and said that she chose her career over him. In 2006, Lopez sued him to stop him from writing a tell-all defaming her, and in 2015, he tried to release an intimate video of Lopez that was filmed during the marriage.

6. Dita von Teese

Dita Von Teese tied the knot with Marilyn Manson in 2005. She did so after five years of dating. However, just a year later in 2006, they divorced. Although she was never really open about the details, she did tell “Harper’s Bazaar” in an interview that it must have been something “pretty bad” for her to move out after six years and pack up her stuff on Christmas. Many suspect it was due to his meeting Evan Rachel Wood, whom he groomed and abused horrifically for years.


7. Nicki Minaj

Minaj wed Kenneth “Zoo” Petty in 2019. He was convicted of attempted rape in 1995. The victim was even cyber-bullied and threatened by Minaj’s fans. Petty also pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 2006 for shooting a man dead four years prior. He served seven years in prison and was released in 2013.

8. Amy Winehouse

A gem lost too early, Amy Winehouse’s downfall started when she married her husband, the destructive Blake Fielder-Civil. He introduced her to drugs and her former manager told The Guardian that ”It was horrible to see her going from someone so tender and brilliant and warm to being kind of derelict and lost” but that Blake was just a lost kid with his own issues. Today, he still won’t own up, telling people that she had addictions before she met him and that her problems weren’t his fault.

9. John Legend

Once considered the ultimate #relationshipgoals, Chrissy Teigan was outed as being a bully on social media. She targeted model Courtney Stodden who was groomed to marry the much older Doug Hutchinson when she was underage. She made comments like saying she wished Stodden would take a “dirt nap” and Stodden even revealed that Teigan DMed them telling them to kill themselves. She also wrote mean tweets about Lindsay Lohan And Farrah Abraham.