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Shocking Things You Never Knew About Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian has always had things a little tougher than her sisters since she looks a little different from them. After being ruthlessly body-shamed by the media and pressured to fit into narrow beauty standards to look like her sisters, Khloe was sick of spending all her time finding the latest fad diet.

A journey with emotional eating

The Good American designer also admitted to emotional eating when she was younger, saying that she felt bad no matter what kind of food she was consuming. Finally, after years of yo-yo diets and starvation, she experienced a life-changing divorce and decided to start her journey towards fitness and healthier eating.

Today, it’s all about balance for Khloe. In a 2020 IG Live with her sister Kourtney, she revealed that she shed a jaw-dropping 60 pounds and no focuses on eating in moderation, staying hydrated and working out. Most importantly, she avoids anything requiring deprivation. While she does live a more balanced approach these days, Khloe still loves a quesadilla once in a while. 

The denim brand that changed it all

Her denim brand helped get her on that journey as well. Co-founded with businesswoman Emma Grene, she filled a gap for women with fluctuating sizes who couldn’t find comfortable and flattering jeans. At her largest, True’s mom says she was between 14-16, which is the average size of the American woman. Still, she’s always felt excluded from her family due to this larger size, especially on shopping trips. After the beauty industries set by fashion and Hollywood really got to her, she made sure to offer Good American in a range of sizes – up to 32, to be exact. Today, she’ll only work with retailers that carry the full-size range. 

The baby that was meant to be a secret

Here’s another tidbit you might not know about – Khloe’s second baby was supposed to be a secret! This was both to provide her surrogate with privacy and safety, and also to protect her own mental health from the public with all the news on Tristan’s cheating scandals. Her son was welcomed in 2022, but it remains apparent that Kardashian will have sole custody over him. 

Watching Tristan’s drama unfold on TV was uncomfortable

While she’s been open about this vulnerable process of infidelity, in October 2021 she revealed on the show that he was really trying to change for the better. But at the time, she wasn’t aware that there were still tons of paternity and infidelity rumors. While he apologized via an Instagram story, it probably didn’t do much to help his case given just how humiliating his actions were. She called rewatching the episode “uncomfortable” but says she’s thankful for her support system in getting her through the difficult period. 

She didn’t want to do Khloe & Lamar


It’s no secret that these two had a lot of ups and downs before they finally got divorced. The short-lived spin-off only made things worse at that point, but she continued it because Lamar was passionate about the project. Although he sold it and execs signed on, Khloe canceled it. In Odom’s memoir, he opened up about how being in the public eye led to his downward spiral. along with his addiction struggles. 

She hired a detective to investigate Odom

Around the time that she initially filed for divorce, she got suspicious of his behavior and ended up hiring a PI to watch the NBA star. As a result, she finally found out about his multiple mistresses as well as numerous texts and photos that show he violated the prenup clause. In his autobiography, he admitted to sleeping with over 2,000 women.

She regrets her tattoos

Not all the Kardashian sisters are down with tattoos – Kim specifically compared it to putting a “bumper sticker on a Bentley”. In 2014, Khloe went on her IG and shared a video of her removing her “tramp stamp” from when she was 16 years old. In the capture, she further credited her big sis to the decision, saying “bye bye bumper sticker!!!”. She also had hand ink with her husband’s initials, but it’s since been removed. 

She’s religious

Many people don’t know this, but Khloe and her sisters grew up with a strong sense of spirituality. In a 2017 essay, she wrote about how religion has helped shape the perspective in her life. Her general interest in theology led her to educate herself on other religions, including Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. She did, however, struggle with a higher power after her father Robert passed away, wondering how a higher being could inflict such pain on her father and his loved ones. 

Her net worth is insane

People might just think that Kim and momager Kris Kardashian are the main breadwinners in this family, but underdog Khloe earns quite the pretty penny herself. Along with Good American her role on Hulu’s “the Kardashians” earned her a whopping 16.6 million for the new show’s first two seasons.