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Celebs Who Transformed After Getting Haircuts


Sometimes, all it takes is a haircut to make someone look like a totally different person. While we normal people can chop all our hair off or dye it on a whim, actors and actresses don’t always have the same luxury. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rosamund once said that actresses weren’t allowed to have dramatic haircuts because short hair wasn’t considered as versatile. Still, in this modern day and age, that’s why we have wigs, and as a result, many celebrities have gone ahead and decided to mix their hairstyle up, because life is too short to not express yourself!

Haircuts are as stressful as they are liberating. While a good haircut can absolutely elevate someone’s beauty, a bad haircut can be a blow to confidence, but at least it’ll grow back relatively soon. While the rest of us are able to experiment with different looks without being in the spotlight, celebs are scrutinized in the headlines. Still, all of these haircuts came out gorgeous, proving that many of these stars can wear any cut that exists. Here are al the celebrities that transformed themselves and even some who became unrecognizable after switching their hairstyle up.

  1. Hilary Duff

Duff went full Lizzy McGuire with this cut with her bangs. For many years, she wore honey-blond, wavy hair with side bangs that framed her face, but in 2019, she tried out a new look with shorter bangs that swept her forehead and brand-new highlights. According to the actress, the cut was inspired by her character, and she’s been wanting to bring those bangs back for ages!

2. Taylor Swift

If you remember Taylor when she first got famous, you’ll remember that cascading blond hair that accompanies her country songs. Today, she’s a confident pop music queen and her hair has changed just as much as her career.  In 214, she cut it all off in lieu of a chin-length bob with bangs, and it was inspired by her bestie Karlie Kloss from the moment they met.

3. Rihanna

When Pon De Replay was gaining traction all around the world, Rihanna had much longer hair. Since then, she’s tried out a variety of different haircuts, but the most dramatic was in 2012 when she cut off those burgundy locks for a very short, super black pixie cut. She looked absolutely flawless and had been craving going short – so would we, if we looked that good!

4. Khloe Kardashian

Getting a haircut is a great way to shake things up if you’re going through an emotional change, and Khloe Kardashian knows that best. On her show “Revenge Body,” the reality star always talked about how she looked different from her sisters. When she debuted her weight loss, she also cut off a lot of hair, saying that the change was necessary following her ex Lamar’s hospitalization. She did it to “get rid of this negativity” and ended up loving how easy shorter hair was to maintain. 

5. Jenna Dewan


Jenna Dewan first stole our hearts in Step Up as Nora, and she’s still acting in many shows and movies today.  However, with her highlights and dark brown hair, she always had a sweet girl next door look. She sported an edgier look in 2012 when she debuted her blonde bob with a blunt cut. Someone going from dark to light hair can totally change their appearance, and that’s exactly what happened to Jenna, who eventually went back to her dark brown hair in a long bob cut.

6. Miley Cyrus

In her Hannah Montana days, Miley once wore long, honey-colored brunette tresses, but she debuted a much more daring side of her personality in 2012 after she got engaged to Liam Hemsworth. In August 2012, Cyrus revealed a super short pixie cut and even swapped her hair color for a bright platinum blond. While the cut got plenty of haters, Miley didn’t care about the opinions of the masses and loved her hair change. 

7. Emma Watson

Back in her Hermione Granger days, Emma Watson wore an onscreen thick and bushy hairdo, so we’re not surprised that she ended up cutting it all over. When not onscreen, Watson wore a signature mane that was pretty conventional. After the final Harry Potter film, the actress decided to celebrate with a new chapter: a Tinkerbell-inspired pixie cut. Since Watson has Tinkerbell vibes herself, we think it was a perfect choice. 

8. Emilia Clarke

Known as Daenerys Stormborn by many, this “Game of Thrones” actress was once known for her long, platinum hair that inspired many a Halloween costume. However, it became clear that shorter hair was her preference when she debuted a pixie haircut in 2018 at a Florence and The Machine concert. Hilariously, she joked that she asked her hairstylist for a short cut that was a throwback to the time when Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow had similar haircuts.