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The Cast of Lost 19 Years Later: Where Are They Now?


The critically acclaimed TV show Lost, released in 2004, lived for six seasons and gained quite a following. It tells a confusing story of a group of plane crash survivors and the mysterious events surrounding the island.

It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since the release of the series. It seems like it was yesterday that our minds were blown by the big twists while watching our favorite characters uncover the secrets of Purgatory. So let’s take a look at how those actors have changed over the years.

1.Jorge Garcia

Garcia is a successful actor, and after the release of Lost, he became famous all over the world. And since 2005, Jorge has been happily married. The actor met his wife, Emily, in Hawaii during the filming of the series.

2.Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox got the role of Dr. Shepard after Michael Keaton passed on it. His character was supposed to die at the beginning of the series, but the writers decided to keep his heart pumping just a bit longer. As a result, Matthew Fox played the good doctor for all six seasons and became one of the show’s biggest stars. Unsurprisingly, Fox continues to act in movies and TV shows.

3.Ian Somerhalder

Not all heroes managed to stay alive on a deserted island after the plane crash. Also, not all actors were able to find their place in Hollywood. Lucky for Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries needed a handsome actor. The actor starred in this series from 2009 to 2017. Since 2015, Ian has been happily married to Nikki Reed.

4.Maggie Grace

Even years after the Lost finale, Maggie is doing very well in Hollywood. She was invited to iconic films like Twilight and Knight and Day, not just for her stunning beauty but also incredible talent.

5.Josh Holloway

The series’s most charismatic and beloved actor was supposed to have a brilliant career after Lost, but it didn’t work out. Holloway tried his hand at action films, but none of them blew up at the box office; the show Intelligence with Holloway in the main role was shut down after the first season; and in the fourth Mission Impossible, his character is killed after getting three minutes of screen time. Tough break.


6.Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan’s character, heroin-addicted rock star Charlie, enamored the audience with his kindness and sensitivity. Over the past years, he has had his ups and downs, like the Swedish crime series Code 100. This seemingly dry thriller about two cop partners investigating a series of mysterious murders had a lot of surprises, good and bad. Another movie you might remember Dominic from is the infamous Wolverine.

7.Kim Yunjin

Like Josh Holloway, Kim got married right after filming the series. The actress and her fiancé did not even have to leave the film set. The Hawaiian Islands’ location and scenery were ideal for a romantic ceremony.

8.Terry O’Quinn

For his role as John Locke on Lost, Terry O’Quinn received Emmy and Saturn awards. After the finale, he became friends with the producer of the series JJ Abrams which opened up new doors before him. Terry is currently starring in Resident Alien, but he was also involved in the Blacklist and FBI: Most Wanted.

9.Michael Emerson

Who would have thought that the actor who played the leader of the “others” is now 68 years old? After Lost, the actor had a few good roles here and there, but nothing will beat his performance in Persons of Interest.

10.Evangeline Lilly

After finishing shooting Lost, Evangeline Lilly has had a few great roles, like the elf Tauriel from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and Hope van Dyne from Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. This was enough to become the most successful actress in the entire cast of Lost. As for her personal life, the actress is happily married to the assistant director of Lost, Norman Cali, and they even have two children.