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Where Is The Great Brigitte Bardot Today


There’s no fighting the fact that Brigitte Bardot was one of the great beauties of our world, dating all the way back to the 1950s. An aspiring ballerina in her childhood, Bardot soon grew into one of the most famous sex symbols in the world. While her big blond hair and that famous gap tooth helped get her there, Bardot had a star quality of her own that skyrocketed her to fame. But where is she today? Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and see what Brigitte Bardot is up to these days.

According to Bardot, a goat is what ended her career. At the time, she was landing multiple films and was an often-cast actress. But out of the blue, she retired from all of her many trades, including acting, singing and modeling. She explained in an interview with Vogue that she was filming in France when she came across a goat that was going to be roasted. She rescued it and brought it back to her hotel. She claims that if they hadn’t allowed her in, she would have slept outside with the goat. The goat brought about an epiphany for Brigitte. She was starting to get tired of acting, and this was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Ultimately, she decided to leave fame to work with animals.

Animals gave Brigitte a love humans couldn’t

In the past, Bardot has been quoted as saying that she’s been hurt badly by people, but never by animals. This is the main reason why she decided to turn her attention to animal rights and use her fame to save as many creatures as possible. When talking to Vogue Hommes, she professed her love for animals and her desire to protect them, mentioning further that she always wanted to live on a farm.

She gave all of her focus and attention to animal rights, saying, “I threw myself heart and soul into it, without knowing a thing about it, without even knowing how I was going to go about it..” Her Foundation was her baby, but Bardot did have a child in real life as well. Still, she struggled with being a mother and in her 1996 memoir, revealed that she underwent multiple abortions but after getting pregnant at age 25 with her second husband, her parents forced her to have the baby. Shockingly, Bardot has said that she would have rather given birth to a little dog instead of a child. Her husband’s parents raised her son, and she did not have close contact or a close relationship with him.


Brigitte Bardot hated being a celebrity

Being in the spotlight wasn’t Bardot’s thing, it turns out. She’s also said numerous racist public statements over the years which have earned her six fines in 2021. Speaking on the French Island Reunion, she called them “aboriginals who have kept the genes of savages.” She made this statement because of how she believed animals were treated there. She’s also made very inappropriate, hatred-filled comments about Muslims, penning a letter in 2016 where she discussed how they were “destroying our country by imposing their ways.” For this comment, Bardot paid $23,000.

Moving to St Tropez

After saying goodbye to the celebrity lifestyle, she packed up and moved to St Tropez. Ever since, the ex-actress has been considered a recluse. She wrote a memoir titled “Tears of Battle: An Animal Rights Memoir” which enlightened people more about her personal life. She wrote, My selective disposition prevents me from receiving any more than a few people to my home at La Madrague. The majority of my exchanges with my peers are done through letters … Physical distance suits me quite well these days, even in the context of a great friendship.” Sounds like a true introvert to us! Today, Brigitte is 88 years old. Bardot has been married four times and bragged about having over 100 lovers — both men and women. Her final husband, Bernard d’Ormale, still lives with her at La Madrague.