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Tiffany Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation


Although she’s certainly not the Trump that’s in the tabloids the most frequently, Tiffany Trump has certainly made a name for herself. She’s the product of Donald Trump’s second marriage with Marla Maples, who raised Tiff in California. She doesn’t have the high profile that her brothers and sisters have, but she certainly still lives a life of luxury. In fact, living such a different journey to success has helped her figure out her own brand of success.

She’s the only member of her family who went to law school and she’s worked outside the family business more than any of her siblings. Although the tabloids might like to make slanderous comments about her, she’s super accomplished and is just as much of a stunner as her sisters. Today, she’s moved to Florida like the rest of the family. After graduating from Georgetown Law School, Tiffany is figuring out her own career move as she settles into South Beach. On the last day of her dad’s presidency, she got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Michael Boulos. Boulos is a billionaire who works for Boulos Enterprises, his family’s multibillion-dollar conglomerate. Let’s take a closer look at where Tiffany started, and the very different place that she ended up today.

A privileged start

Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, had an affair with Donald Trump while he was still married to Ivana. The tabloids turned it into a scandal, and eventually, Donald and Ivana got divorced. Afterward, he ended up turning his mistress into his wife and marrying Marla. Of course, the paparazzi and gossip had an impact on Tiffany’s childhood, though many say she was too young to understand what was going on. Donald even confessed that he wouldn’t have married Maples if the media hadn’t turned the affair into such a scandal. 

A child of divorce

Marla and Don’s marriage came to an end after four years and they divorced in 1999. Marla openly talks about how she was essentially a single parent through the marriage, and that Donald wasn’t good with “day-to-day skills as a parent” although he was a good provider. Marla and Tiffany are very close since Tiff was her main priority. She even told People magazine that her mom moved them out of NYC to avoid the spotlight and live a normal life. 

A role model in big sis Ivanka

Although their relationship has changed as they’ve grown up over the years, Tiffany has always idolized her big sis and called Ivanka her bestie. Ivanka helped her get an internship at Vogue when Tiffany was in college, and says that she’s always been close to her little sis. However, the book “Disloyal: A Memoir” revealed that Ivanka was cruel to her younger sis in order to maintain her coveted spot as the favorite child. 


Different from the rest

In 2019, Tiffany Trump was attending Georgetown Law School and The Washingtonian did a feature on her.  In it, readers learned that Tiffany liked to keep a low profile and didn’t like to be recognized as a Trump. She’s also a bit more liberal than the rest of her family. When the George Floyd riots happened in the summer of 202, Tiffany was the only family member to post a black square on “Blackout Tuesday” on social media. She also dated a Democrat when she was in university, according to the New York Daily News. Those who have done their research know that sedated Ross Mechanic, who was a registered Democrat.  She’s less competitive than her siblings since she grew up away from NYC.

An ambitious future ahead of her

While her dad’s career might have dwindled down, Tiffany’s life is only just beginning. She recently announced her engagement to Michael Boulos in the White House’s Rose Garden. Her hubby-to-be proposed with a jaw-drop[ping 13-carat diamond ring estimated to cost over a million dollars.

If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is! With the way that she stands out from her family’s herd mentality, it’s no wonder that this wealthy young lady has hundreds of thousands of IG followers. A New York Times story once called her group of the very rich, social media savvy “Snap Pack” group, which included Stephanie Seymour’s son Peter Brand Jr, and the great-great-granddaughter of famous painter Henri Matisse, Gaia Matisse. While she might not have the social media fame of her dad, she’s made quite a name for herself. We can’t wait to see the details of her upcoming nuptials to Boulos and wish her the best.