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Tom Hanks’ Wife Rita Wilson Responds To Red Carpet Scolding


While attending the 76th Cannes Film Festival for the screening of Asteroid City, Hank’s new movie, on Tuesday, May 23, the veteran actor and his wife were captured on the red carpet in what appeared to be a possible altercation with one of the event staff members. Headlines began causing a swirl of attention surrounding the photo, which quickly went viral. 

Reports flooded in that Hanks was scolding the staffer, as Hanks was photographed with a very concerned facial expression while shaking a finger in his face. The photo can be easily interpreted as Hank yelling aggressively at the staffer. What can also be seen in the image is his wife Wilson seemingly up in arms with the staff member as well, pointing a finger and visibly leaned in towards him with some intensity. 

Remarkable Mag took to Twitter to describe the scene as an “explosive altercation.” Remarkable Mag went on to say, “It was evident that Tom was disgruntled as the trio exchanged words before proceeding down the red carpet to partake in the customary photo opportunities.”

But Wilson had a very different version of the story to tell. Coming to her husband’s full defense, she claims that the media got it all wrong. She dished her perspective on her Instagram, detailing that it was merely a matter of not being able to hear what the staff was saying clearly. 

“This is called ‘I can’t hear you.’ People are screaming. ‘What did you say? Where are we supposed to go?'” She further explained that the media needed a story to garner more attention, thus portraying the couple as getting into an altercation with the staff, who has since been identified as Vincent Chapalain, a Public Relations Manager. 

“Nice try. We had a great time! Go see ‘Asteroid City!’,” she added. 

Even though they may have caused some controversy due to their questionable behavior, both Hanks and Wilson were perfectly dressed for the occasion. Hanks wore a traditional black tux with a bright white shirt and matching bow tie. Wilson was very stylish and classy in a black gown and sweeping black cloak, all elegantly embellished with silver jewelry. 


Immediately following the ambiguous mishap, the couple were poised and posed for the camera as they descended down the red carpet for several photo opps prior to the screening. Asteroid City is directed by the esteemed Wes Anderson. The comedy drama film examines the topic of self discovery, grief and loss, global chaos, and much more. The film is propped against a hauntingly beautiful backdrop of a fictional American town in the desert set in the 1950’s. 

The film stars some other pretty impressive Hollywood actors, one of which is his wife Wilson. Also among the cast is Maya Hawke, Scarlett Johannson and Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Matt Dillon, and several other notable names. 

Jason Schwartzman, who plays the lead character and is also a widower, decides to set out on a long journey with his four kids to visit their grandfather, who is Hanks’ character. 

“In my moments of solitude, I’ve discovered the art of unwavering faith in the people I hold dear,” Hanks’ character says to Schwartzman’s character in the film. “While I cannot guarantee if you fall into that category, my faith remains steadfast in my daughter and your four children.”

Asteroid City is scheduled to hit theaters on June 16.