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10 Most Expensive Oscar Dresses of all Time

The Academy Awards is an emblem of Hollywood — if you’re there, it’s a sign that you’ve made it, and there’s no going back. Apart from recognizing the talented actors of Hollywood, the Os-cars red carpet is a fashion event where we get to see some of the most stunning dresses of all time. Most of them cost a pretty penny, but these history-making dresses are the most expensive of all time.

Top 10 Red Carpet 2020 Looks (so far)

We’re not that far into 2020 yet, but there have still been some memorable red carpet fashion moments where celebrities have showed out in their best. Here are the most well-crafted fashion moments of the 2020 award circuit so far.

10 Of Gwendoline Christie’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Gwendoline Christie brilliantly played Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones and all the fans of the show will agree that she was freaking phenomenal. Not only is Gwendoline an incredible actress, but she’s also known to be a fashion queen!