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9 Stunning Looks Of Deepika Padukone That Made Us Stare In Awe


Deepika Padukone is a stunning Bollywood diva that never ceases to amaze her fans. Whether it’s on screen or in real life, her looks are always stylish, graceful, and sometimes absolutely head-turning. She looks equally gorgeous wearing traditional Indian multi-layered lehenga with heavy gold jewellery or hip modern western-style clothes. Whether you are a devoted fan of Deepika Padukone or only starting to dig into the whole Bollywood diva scene, we guarantee you these looks are nothing short of impressive. Here are 9 stunning looks of Deepika Padukone that made us stare in awe.

Mastani from Mughal era

Year 2015 was most notable for Deepika Padukone’s role as Mastani in the epic Indian romance Bajirao Mastani. Not only did she look fearless and beautiful with free-flowing hair and close to no makeup, her outfit consisted of numerous layers to give the authentic anarkali feel and looked simply mind-blowing. In the movie she also wore around 20 kg of armour!

Deepika Padukone as Mastani | HerBeauty

Head-turner at Cannes 2019

Cannes 2019 were blown away by Deepika’s elegant black and white Dundas dress. This voluminous dress with a massive bow made her look like a real Hollywood star.

Deepika Padukone at Cannes 2019 | HerBeauty

Exquisite Manish Malhotra Look

Manish Malhotra is known for his elegant designs and Deepika Padukone showcasing one of his creations truly was a match made in heaven. This deep blue lehenga looks royal and Deepika Padukone only adds to its beauty.

Deepika Padukone Manish Malhotra Look | HerBeauty

Floral motifs from Varun Bahl

Continuing with ace Indian fashion designers, we present you Deepika’s look in Varun Bahl’s floral suit. It is elegant, and gives Deepika Padukone a somewhat exotic look due to the unusual design.

Deepika Padukone Varun Bahl look | HerBeauty

Shimmery golden skirt


Deepika Padukone is probably the only star who could have pulled a shimmery golden sequined skirt, without letting it turn into a disaster. It’s a real statement piece and she looks amazing in it!

Deepika Padukone golden skirt look | HerBeauty

Awe-inspiring outfit of Rani Padmini

Deepika Padukone pulls off royal fashion like she was born into royalty herself. Playing Rani Padmini she got to wear elaborate Rajasthani clothes with spectacular jewellery. Craftsmen from the brand named Tanishq spent around 600 days to mold a spectacular amount of golden piece for the role, weighing 400 kg in total.

Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmini | HerBeauty

Black gown from Alexander McQueen

What actress wouldn’t like to rock an Alexander McQueen gown at least once in a lifetime? Deepika Padukone is obviously one of those divas who can pull off his designs with incredible grace and elegance. This black gown is simple, yet dazzling, and makes Deepika look even more beautiful than she already is.

Deepika Padukone Alexander McQueen look | HerBeauty

A sweet Sabyasachi princess

There’s hardly anything more beautiful than an Indian woman wearing a saree. Sabyasachi has been dressing both Bollywood and Hollywood for quite some time now, creating spectacular pieces of traditional wear that look like true masterpieces. Undoubtedly, Deepika Padukone’s beauty becomes even more vivid when she wears Sabyasachi’s sarees. This peach saree embellishes with jewels looks beyond stunning.

Deepika Padukone in saree | HerBeauty

An iconic Met Gala 2019 look

If you ever wondered what a Bollywood Barbie would look like – here’s a vivid example. Deepika absolutely slayed the red carpet with her sense of style, don’t you think so?