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What Are The “World’s Most Beautiful Twins” Up To Today


Many of you might remember The Most Beautiful Twins in the World, aka Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements. Let us refresh your memory with a quick look back at these two, their journey to going viral and where they are today. On July 7, 2010, these twins arrived in the world about a month prematurely, but fortunately, everything went according to plan. According to the twins’ mom, their early arrival in the world embodied their personalities —bold, unannounced, and ready to take on the world.

Earning compliments from everyone

Starting from when they were just infants, the girls were always showered with praise and compliments regarding their striking looks. Their mom Jaqi explained that strangers would always take notice of the pretty twins, and if you take a look at their baby photos you’ll see why.

Questions about a modeling career

The twins’ mom claims that people would always suggest modeling given the girls’ natural good looks. When enough people started making the same comment, Jaqi took note and thought, why not? She gave it a try, and while things were tough at the start, they all made it through as a family.

A tough start

Jaqi and her hubby already had a baby boy when the twins arrived, and living with three young children at the same time is difficult even for the best of parents. At the tender age of six months old, the girls were already signed to an agency, but Jaqi found herself overwhelmed and gave up after just three months. The stress went down as they decided to give the girls a normal upbringing, and neither parent had any regrets about that.

Natural performers

Leah Rose and Ava Marie were filled with spunk, sass and plenty of personality. Just because they stopped pursuing a professional career doesn’t mean that they weren’t still commanding attention. In their local circles, the girls remained in the spotlight and drew attention. They always put on shows for friends and family and loved all that attention. Their mom took note and knew the girls were destined to be models. The timing was still up in the air when the girls were toddlers, so Jaqi decided to wait until they could make their own decisions.

A sign revealed itself

Seven turned out to be the perfect age. A major believer in signs, Jaqi has mentioned that her lucky number happens to be seven. Since the girls were born on July 7th, this makes sense. On their seventh birthday, they would be turning 7 years old on July 7, 2017. This was simply too much for Jaqi to ignore, so she asked the twins if they wanted to model. At the time, they were already busy with extracurriculars like swim team and dance. 

The reaction


Some kids want to stay out of the spotlight and detest attention. Others are simply happy with cakes and presents on their birthday. But that’s not Leah and Ava. They were rather excited when their mom brought it up, and she says that she wasn’t too surprised when she saw the girls jumping with joy at the opportunity.

A modeling career 2.0

Now that the time had come and everyone was on board, the kids got professional photographs. Jaqi’s friend had recently opened a boutique and the girls were ready to model. Jaqi has also played hairdresser, stylist, makeup artist and photographer for her girls with her own Nikon. Of course, practice takes purpose. At first, Leah would space out and stare in random directions. She’d even accidentally bump into her sister, who thought it was on purpose and would push her back. 

Going professional

When Jaqi put out feelers, she was worried about her daughters experiencing rejection, especially after a six-year break in the industry. But all of her contacts reached out asking to meet up with the girls.

Signing with two agencies

Leah and Ava ended up signing with two agencies, but double representation ended up getting messy. Rather than double the jobs, one of the agencies called to say they got the girls a Barbie audition. But they had just got back from the audition with the other agency. 

Getting Instagram famous and brand partnerships

Although becoming working models was a major deal for these two, it was the beginning of their Instagram @clementstwins that really skyrocketed their careers. Although it was just meant to be a portfolio, they started gaining followers by the thousands. Jaqi was understandably protective over her daughters, and today they’re using their influence to form strategic brand partnerships and raise awareness of illnesses. For instance, when their baby cousin was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, they used their Instagram to raise awareness with a Nail and Bone nail polish partnership.