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What Does Queen Elizabeth II Eat and Drink?


Queen Elizabeth II has been the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom for almost 69 years now, and she’s 95 years old. This lady still looks amazing for her age and still remains in power. Up until the pandemic hit she was still doing all of her royal duties and royal visits. It’s kind of incredible how Queen Elizabeth has been around for so long, perhaps her diet is the secret to her longevity and health? Let’s take a look at exactly what the Queen eats. We bet you’re going to be surprised by her royal meals.

People have a lot of weird misconceptions when it comes to royal diets. Some believe that royals probably overindulge on a daily basis because, you know, they can. Others think that royals eat healthily but extravagantly because they have personal chefs. A lot of people imagine royalty eating caviar, exotic meats, and seafood and some of the most indulgent desserts on the daily. Perhaps that is true for other royals, but Queen Elizabeth’s diet is far from that. In fact, the Queen has a perfect discipline and eats very healthy meals, one might even consider her eating habits to be quite strict. 


The Queen always starts her day with a nice cup of tea. She doesn’t add milk or sugar to her tea, she just Earl Grey tea and a couple of cookies (or as the Brits call them — biscuits). You might think biscuits are a treat, but considering she could have French toast, croissants, or anything else in the world, biscuits seem a rather reserved option. 

Speaking of pastry, many would imagine the Queen being a fan of scones. After all, they are a very traditional British pastry, but the Queen never eats it. In fact, she often feeds the scones to her beloved corgis, under the table. 

Her choice of breakfast will surprise you too, the Queen loves cereal. And as much as we’d love to imagine Lizzie munching down on some Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops, she prefers a low-calorie Special K. On some days the Queen treats herself to toast with some marmalade. And whenever she has a guest over for breakfast she will go for scrambled eggs with salmon.


If you thought the Queen’s breakfast was quite simple, wait until you find out what she normally has for lunch. Queen Elizabeth II loves sandwiches, but don’t run off imagining they’re covered with caviar or have some fancy ingredients. Her favorite sandwiches are very plain: cheese and tomato or just cucumber sandwiches. Yup, that’s what the Queen goes for on a busy day. If she’s sitting down for a proper meal she loves grilled fish with spinach and zucchini. 



The Queen often attends evening events or entertains guests and has various dinner parties. During those times it’s not usual for her to indulge in some truly lavish meals. But on days when the Queen is alone for dinner, she will go for grilled or poached fish and some vegetables on the side. It seems like the Queen really has an iron will, how else would you explain her healthy food choices, when she could have anything at all prepared for her at the drop of a hat.

However, she’s not quite a robot, there are days when the Queen likes to indulge. On those days the Queen will go for a classic Sunday roast or a rich venison steak with a creamy mushroom sauce. 

Sweet treats

The Queen definitely has a sweet tooth, but even in her treat choices Queen Elizabeth is sensible. She loves chocolate, but only dark chocolate, in fact, the darker – the better. She probably knows that all those antioxidants in dark chocolate are good for her health. 


Being the Queen means that you’ll often be at parties and have people over for drinks. The Queen loves a gin and Dubonnet at a party, but she’ll only have one drink and only in the evening, to loosen up. But it’s not only at parties that Queen Elizabeth has a drink. She’s human like the rest of us, and sometimes she likes a drink at the end of a hard day. One of her favorite ways to unwind is to have a glass of champagne before bed, and she’ll go for the best champagne, after all, she’s the Queen.