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Kate Middleton’s Relationship With Her Dad

The Duchess of Cambridge gives out a certain image to the public. She’s sophisticated, always poised, and always ready for the camera. But behind that facade, the family dynamics are a little more complicated, especially when it comes to the side of Kate that her father, Michael, sees.

Kate Middleton Reportedly Pregnant with Baby no. 4

It’s official — there just might be another little member coming o the royal family! While many were devastated about the death of the Queen earlier this in 2022, there’s some positive news on the horizon: Kate Middleton is apparently pregnant with her fourth child.

The Internet Blames Meghan Markle For The Queen’s Death

The internet will really find any reason possible to blame Meghan Markle for whatever drama is going on in the Royal Family. When the Queen of England passed away on September 8, 2022. Although many people grieved this loss in an appropriate way, a couple of people online found a way to bring it all back to poor Meg. While some of the comments clearly have a humorous tone, others are more sinister.

20 Meghan Markle Quotes That Will Inspire You

If the Meghan and Harry interview taught us anything, it’s that this couple is nothing short of inspiring — especially Meghan, who completely faced challenge after challenge when she uprooted her life as an actress to become a duchess at Buckingham Palace.

7 Wardrobe Lessons Kate Middleton Has Learned As A Royal

While Kate has been dating William for years before he proposed and had more time to get used to his family and their unusual ways, she still wasn’t quite on board with a few things that only the royals really have to be very careful and obsessive about. Here are some lessons she’s learned over the years.