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Kate Middleton Acts As Mediator For Harry and William Reunion 


For the past few years, especially recently, Prince Harry and Prince Williams have had a feud that only worsened. Although the brothers had a tight-knit relationship, as soon as Meghan Markle came into Prince Harry’s life, a visible strain caused a rift between the two. Although many rumors have swirled, the Duke of Sussex himself told Oprah that he and his brother were on “different paths.”  There are even more details in Harry’s tell-all memoir titled “Spare. ”Due to this tragic rift, Kate Middleton is doing everything she can to ensure the brothers return to their previously close relationship.

Sources say that the Princess of Wales is trying to reconnect the brothers

According to royal author Robert Jobson, who spoke with the Daily Express US, Kate has been putting in the work to reunite her husband with Prince Harry. Jobson explained that there wasn’t much dialogue between Harry and William and that Kate was the only person actively trying to remedy the situation.

The Princess of Wales is no stranger to being the mediator. As reported by onlookers, she tried to make things right between the warring brothers at Prince Philip’s funeral. Kate has always tried to take on the role of peacemaker, and she’s done so between these two brothers throughout the years, despite how complex their relationship has always been. 

Author of the 2023 book “Courtiers,” Valentine Low, said in a podcast that Middleton brings “reassurance” to the brothers’ relationship. 

One of the potential reasons why William might not be willing to forgive his brother is that he fundamentally disagrees with how quickly Harry’s relationship moved with Markle.

Royal commentator Nick Bullen said, ”I think there needs to be a brokerage from another person. There almost needs to be an intervention. It requires both parties to be willing to come to the table.”


While there might be truth in it, Middleton is one of the only people willing to bring the two together. Apparently, at the coronation of their father, the seating plan was organized so that Harry and William wouldn’t interact at all. 

Kate has always tried to mend the rifts in the family

Many folks give Middleton credit when it comes to making things right in the royal family, but these attempts haven’t always been received well, and there are some obvious roadblocks. For instance, the fact that the brothers don’t live in the same country anymore means that communication has gotten significantly harder. 

Although one of the brothers might be willing to phone the other, there’s no guarantee that someone will pick up the call on the other end, and it might just end in an unproductive rant either way.

Still, the royals are notoriously quiet about personal matters and keep drama behind closed doors, so no one knows what’s really going on. According to sources, Kate even attempted to mend fences with Meghan Markle as a last-ditch attempt at getting the brothers to reconcile.

No one can confirm whether that happened, but based on reports, Harry and William haven’t progressed at all in terms of mending their relationship. Kate’s efforts don’t appear to have paid off as of yet, although some insiders that spoke to Entertainment Tonight have mentioned that Harry is interested in making amends with his sibling, but sources say William isn’t as interested in making things right.

Hopefully, Kate will keep talking to her husband, and eventually, he’ll warm up to his wife’s well-intentioned schemes, allowing the third-party mediator to bring the two together.