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Kate Middleton’s Relationship With Her Dad


The Duchess of Cambridge gives out a certain image to the public. She’s sophisticated, always poised, and always ready for the camera. But behind that facade, the family dynamics are a little more complicated, especially when it comes to the side of Kate that her father, Michael, sees.

When she growing up, Kate always stood by the fact that her mother and father taught her honesty, respect, and kindness, which are the same values she passed on to her children, Charlotte and George. Although Catherine’s father didn’t grow up royalty, he does play an essential role in her life. Her close relationship with her dad has existed since the days she was a commoner and long before she belonged to the British monarchy.

Michael moved Kate and the family to Jordan when she was a child

Before she was the Duchess of Cambridge, she was just a cute kid. She spent much of her childhood in Amman, Jordan, when her father moved there to work for British Airways. They lived there from when Kate was two to five years old, and she has fond memories of living in the country. 

Michael was always a hands-on father

Some dads let moms do all the parenting, but this wasn’t the case for Princess Catherine’s father. She once wrote an IG post celebrating the #ShapingUS campaign for The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood with an image of herself as a baby with her dad.

Kate loves to celebrate her dad on Instagram

Rather than just sending a Father’s Day card, Kate took to social media to celebrate her father. She posted a never-before-seen image of herself as a kid with her father, sitting on his lap. In the image, she rocked pigtail braids and a button-down shirt, looking as happy as she could be. Anyone looking at the photo could tell how strong their bond was and continues to be. 

The Middletons and Michael influenced Kate’s own relationship

Kate’s hubby, William, has a close relationship with his father-in-law, Michael. The support means a lot for William, who never had a close bond with his own dad. Whenever he would attend dinner with the Middletons, the Prince would often stay late and have long talks with Michael, who was warmer than many of the rigid royals. William has always been impressed with how Michael and Carole raised their kids and used them as role models for parenting his own children. 

Michael walked Kate down the aisle at her nuptials


It’s every daughter’s dream to have her dad walk her down the aisle, and it was an especially poignant moment when Michael walked Kate down the aisle, marking her entry into the world of the royals. Holding hands and filled with love, the two walked up to the High Alter, where William hilariously whispered, “Just a quiet family wedding, then.”

A daddy and daughter date at 2021 Wimbledon

Catherine has always been a fan of tennis, and so has her father. At Wimbledon in 2021, she was accompanied by her father to the Gentleman’s Wheelchair Singles between Joachim Gerard and Gordon Reid. The two even participated in The Wave together and were all smiles. The Middleton household has always loved tennis and watched Wimbledon throughout Kate’s childhood.

Michael took Prince George’s first official photos

Michael’s relationship with his beloved grandson began the day after Prince George was born. Since he left the hospital, George has been followed by paparazzi, but he found a moment of calm at Michael and Carol’s house in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Michael Middleton didn’t hire a professional photographer but instead took charge of the photoshoot himself. 

Michael Middleton is a down-to-earth dad

One of the reasons Prince William admires and looks up to his father-in-law so much is their grounded perspective. The Middleton’s are extraordinarily close-knit and have a very nurturing attitude towards their kids, along with prioritizing a sense of “normal,” even though members now have royal responsibilities. The Middletons are still very involved with their grandchildren and expect both Kate and William to pitch in with regular tasks around the house. 

Michael and his wife are embedded in the royal fold

Despite bringing a much-needed down-to-earth perspective to the Prince and Princess, Michael and his wife seamlessly blended into the royals and often showed up to royal occasions like the coronation of King Charles III and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Kate has never given up links to her own family like many have after marrying into the Royal Family, showing just how close their connection is and how dedicated Prince William is to preserving that bond.