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Kate Middleton Reportedly Pregnant with Baby no. 4


It’s official — there just might be another little member coming o the royal family! While many were devastated about the death of the Queen earlier this in 2022, there’s some positive news on the horizon: Kate Middleton is apparently pregnant with her fourth child. Kate Middleton and Prince Williams are already parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Apparently, an inside source says that Kate and her hubby Prince William gave this pregnancy news to Queen Elizabeth II before she passed away. As you can imagine, the Queen was ecstatic to hear the news and has always had lots of love for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Discussions of wanting another child have been swirling around the Middleton household for a while, an insider told “Us Weekly”. Kate’ always wanted four children and while three were certainly enough for William, he wanted to make his wife happy and abided. Either that, or she’s managed to convince him and get him on board, somehow. According to a source, she “twisted his arm” on the matter.

King Charles expressed his excitement for the couple after the news was released. Like the Queen, he was one of the first royals to find out about this information. A quote from an insider said: “Whatever Charles lacked as a father to William, and his brother Prince Harry, he’s making it up now to his grandchildren. He loves playing with George, Charlotte, and Louis and will tease them until they giggle.”

Rumors swirled around earlier this year, and when Middleton took a visit to a maternity unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, it seems as though the baby fever set in. She reportedly got teary-eyed thinking about how big her kids had gotten and ruminating on how it felt like just yesterday that her “big boy” Louis was a baby.

When kids are too big for you to cradle in your arms and baby talk to, we can see how the desire for another one would set in. After all, kids go through a phase where they become more independent from their parents and spread their wings. it’s certainly a departure from the soft snuggles, smiles and sweetness of a little infant. She opened up during her February 2022 solo tour of Denmark, saying,  “William always worries about me meeting under one-year-olds. I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one.’”


Prince Louis would be so adorable as a big brother, and the potential news has gotten many across the UK and the rest of the globe pretty excited. Still, we haven’t heard a peep from Kate, William, or the Royal Family on any official pregnancy news, so we might just have to keep our fingers crossed for a while! 

Amid claims that Kate Middleton is pregnant with a fourth child, she continues her royal duties after spending some time with family. In her latest royal duty, she went on a visit to Scarborough, announcing that their foundation Ould be giving £345,000 worth of funding to organizations in Scarborough. These funds will go towards working to help young people’s mental health.

Recently, the family moved into a new home dubbed Adelaide College where the kids have more space for activities and cycling around the estate. A friend calls is a “real little community” to People Magazine, and it seems like the perfect place to raise a new baby. They’re reportedly expected to more to Windsor Castle soon, where they’ll have even more room to raise their growing family. While we’re yet to see a baby bump, you may want to keep your eyes open for news about a little one in the near future.