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Why A Suits Castmate Felt Uncomfortable At Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding


Before her entrance into the royal family, Meghan Markle was known for her acting career and her memorable role as Rachel Zane on “Suits.” Although much of the “Suits” cast attended Meghan Markle’s wedding to celebrate her union with Prince Harry, one cast member in particular went viral, and not for the right reason.

Markle’s co-star Rick Hoffman, who played the role of Louis Litt in the beloved legal drama, was captured in a photograph looking rather miserable and unenthusiastic about the event. However, his hilarious reaction wasn’t because of the actual wedding itself. 

When Hoffman guest starred on a podcast called “Chicks in the Office,” he said his friend’s nuptials were a special occasion, and he was happy to be there. He also mentioned that when people google him these days, the viral image is one of the first things that pops up. 

Instead, the reason for the actor’s facial expression is that before the ceremony, he and his “Suits” co-star Sarah Rafferty were chatting and goofing around. Rafferty told Hoffman to stop acting silly, reminding him to behave and that cameras were everywhere. In response, he joked around, telling her, “What is your f***ing problem? Why don’t you get a hold of yourself?’

After that interaction, they went their own ways and headed into the venue to watch the ceremony. When Hoffman located his seat, he started to smell something “terrible and foul,” as the actor said.

Hoffman admitted his co-star was right about the cameras

Although Hoffman didn’t know exactly what the source of the stink was at the wedding, he thought it could have been the bad breath of the other wedding guests. In the same podcast interview with “Chicks in the Office,” the actor in the legal drama admitted that he was sensitive to smell and hygiene. To try and block the offensive scents, Hoffman put his hand to his face and sniffed the lotion he was wearing. 

After having to sit still for an hour and a half, it got to him. Even worse, nobody else could smell the same terrible smell as he could. The mystery odor is what caused Hoffman to make a face at the royal wedding and led him to admit that his colleague Sarah was right about the cameras possibly catching a less-than-ideal moment.


Although Hoffman shared an Instagram video back in 2018 when the incident originally occurred, outlets like the BBC shared quotes from the video like “Hence the face that’s apparently all over the place.”

A lot of people felt that the supposed face was an in-character choice for Rick Hoffman’s on-screen character, with one Twitter user calling it “The most Louis Litt picture ever from the Royal Wedding.”

Sill, the wedding weekend was filled with fun

Apart from the odor that Hoffman couldn’t shake, he had a great time at the wedding. Since they didn’t get invited to Prince Charles’ private party that night, they got into some shenanigans of their own with a fun karaoke night. 

In a post-wedding E! News interview, Hoffman called the event “otherworldly” and said he would never forget it, referring to it as one of the best weekends of his life as he bonded even more with his cast mates. 

Although the final season of “Suits” ended in 2019, the cast members have made appearances since the show ended. In 2024, Hoffman, Rafferty, and their co-star Gina Torres came together for an e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl commercial. Sadly, Markle was missing from it.