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Where is Bruiser Woods from Legally Blonde? 


Ever since they announced that “Legally Blonde 3” was going to be released (and yes, Jennifer Coolidge will be making a return) the internet and all the Elle Woods Stans have been losing it. However, pets in films have some of the best roles. More specifically, dogs have a massive place in film and TV, and we could never forget Bruiser Woods, Elle’s iconic pup in “Legally Blonde.”

And although pet influencers on Instagram are a most recent trend, people have been obsessed with Hollywood’s furry celebrities for years. With more info on “Legally Blonde 3” being released, the masses are wondering: is Bruiser still around, and will he be making a comeback in the famous film franchise?

Bruiser’s real name is Moondoggie, AKA Moonie, and he was also in the Legally Blonde sequel. However, that was just the beginning of his career in Hollywood. Moonie also worked on a music video with Cher, filmed some commercials and also did some TV work.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Moonie’s destiny was sealed by his claim to fame, “Legally Blonde.” His trainer initially wanted him to stand in as a double for the Taco Bell Chihuahua (another one of the trainer’s dogs named Gidget), but he never got large enough. Instead, his tiny size was lucky enough to land this stellar role instead. Here’s another hilarious fun fact: he would often jump into the purses of random people after he learned the trick in order to work on “Legally Blonde.”

Moonie did make an appearance when Reese Witherspoon got her “Walk of Fame” star, but after that, fans were left wondering: what happened to Moonie? It turns out that he retired at age 18 in 2014. Although we wish doggies lived forever, Moonie passed away in 2016 after a long and happy life and career. Upon his passing, his trainer Sue commemorated him, and so did his co-star Reese, who commented that she would never forget their precious time together. 


In early interviews before Moonie’s passing, Reese had nothing but kind words to say about the pup, who learned to act alongside Reese. She once was quoted saying, “He comes in, hits his mark, we shoot the take, and he goes back to his trailer.”

Moonie, AKA Bruiser was rescued from the pound when he was just a puppy. He had such a star quality that his role on the “Legally Blonde” sequel was upgraded, and his wardrobe was expanded in order to please die-hard fans that were clamoring for him. It looks like puppies will continue to be a staple on the big screen. While Moonie was a star that definitely deserved recognition, we still wonder if a new Bruiser will be making an appearance in the next film of the “Legally Blonde” franchise.