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Why Sommer Ray Is Not Your Average Instagram Model


Sommer Ray is a fitness model and social media hit with over 25 million followers on Instagram. You might wonder how a fitness influencer skyrocketed to such fame with these staggering numbers in such a short amount of time, leaving many people asking: who exactly is Sommer Ray?

At the age of 14, Sommer Ray started modeling. Two years later at 16, she became a fitness bikini model, winning first place at the 2015 NPC Colorado State Championship for Teen Bikini.

One of Sommer Ray’s biggest sources of inspiration is her family. As we mentioned, her parents were bodybuilders, and they raised her in a remote farm out in rural Colorado. Her parents are major supported of Sommer and her brand. Ray also has two sisters named Skylyn and Savana, along with a brother named Bronson. 

Recently, the 24-year-old posted a video of herself on vacation in Antigua, taking selfies in a floral thong bikini. The model made headlines when she dates rapper Machine Gun Kelly for 3 months. She even insinuated that he “kind of cheated on me with Megan Fox.” Ouch.

Besides that, Ray is famous due to having a foolproof social media and marketing skillset. Also, a bangin’ body and flawless face like hers certainly helps! After her sister’s friend took photos of her, she started getting popular online, and more brands started to reach out for her, asking for sponsored content. 

She would fly out to Los Angeles all the time to work and network, growing her fanbase the entire time. Now, she’s an officially successful “Instagram Model” full time. Besides being a fitness model, she trains for the company Fitplan. Fitness has always been important to Sommer — after all, both her parents are ex-bodybuilders and Sommer even experimented in the field herself back in the day. Additionally, she’s an entrepreneur — the workout queen has her own clothing line. 

The beauty shockingly revealed that she wasn’t always as popular and sought after as she is today. In fact, she told Cosmo that she dropped out of high school and resorted to homeschooling because she was bullied and shamed for her sensual photos posted on Instagram. While the purpose of showcasing her body was an empowering way to show hard work she achieved, her hometown locals didn’t exactly see it that way. 

Internet bullies have also spewed their share of hate, with some of them saying that the reason for her posting shots in skimpy outfits was to make money easily. She responded saying that she didn’t have shame in what she did, and paid her own bills. Her photos have left a trail of drama that’s followed her wherever she goes but that’s what happens when you’re young and beautiful! We think it’s inspiring that she’s an emblem of empowerment and expressing your voice through your sensuality. It’s 2021, after all!


Ray also has a large following because she’s outspoken about the fact that plastic surgery isn’t for her. Instead, she says that hard work and a healthy way of eating is the reason for her looks. She also doesn’t like Photoshopping her pictures on Instagram excessively. Sommer admits that she’ll smooth a zip, but doesn’t Photoshop her body since it feels like a “false advertisement.”

Apparently, Ray’s net worth is over $4 million, and a big part of that is due to the fee she receives for sponsorships and videos. She earns up to $26,000 for every workout video she posts.

To get the breathtaking body she has, Sommer usually does workouts that include a high rep-range, with 12-15 reps per set to keep her lower body toned. She uses squats to increase body strength, but doesn’t enjoy cardio. She reportedly exercises 5 times a week, and the secret to maintaining her curves is her weight-lifting. 

She has also fessed up to a few of the celebrities who have slid into her DMs. The names include Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and the Game. We understand the allure! Her favorite actor is Ryan Gosling, so she clearly has good taste.

Sommer is also part of the collective “Clout Gang” which is a popular group of Youtubers. With millions of video views and followers, Ray is thriving in her twenties and we can’t wait to see what’s next on the docket for the wildly popular up-and-coming personality.