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12 Clothing Items Women Wear to Drive Men Wild


While you should always wear what you feel confident and comfortable in, there are certain clothing items that will drive the opposite sex wild. It’s not always a fancy gown like you might think — certain unexpected styles will make guys do a double-take. Here are the top garments that can help you express yourself while commanding the gaze of every man around you. 

1. Sundress

There’s a reason that dudes love summer — there’s nothing like a cute, form-fitting sundress that hits above the knee to make him dreamily gaze at you. These dresses are feminine but also comfortable, letting a woman move effortlessly. They can flatter any body type and can also emphasize certain body parts, turning you into a goddess. 

2. Off the shoulder blouse

This is a surprising one for many, but unlike a shirt that shows a ton of deep cleavage, an option like this is innocent but still sexy, showing off a hint of skin without exposing more than necessary. It’s playful, flirty, and goes with anything — pick jeans for a casual outing and a long skirt for a more elegant evening look.

3. Pencil skirts

They’re not too short, but they are figure-hugging. Pencil skirts simply scream boss babe, and guys love a woman in charge. This skirt gives an hourglass shape to most body types and makes women look stronger, be it with a silk button-down or a fitted crop top. 

4. Leather jackets

Whether they’re paired with jeans or a dress, a leather jacket gives a touch of rebellion to every outfit, and who doesn’t want a bad girl? The perfect combo of strength, mystery, and femininity, this jacket will truly impress any guy that looks your way.

5. Anything that shows off the lower back

There’s just something about a spaghetti strap or a crop top that gets them every time. They show off curves and hug the shoulders, cleavage, and neck just the right way. But best of all? They show off the lower back, which drives guys crazy. 

6. Stockings

Just like leggings, stockings can help support your legs, accentuate muscles, and add a kinky touch to an outfit that you can do wonders in the bedroom. They show off your natural figure while bringing an outfit together and making it look more classy. If you opt for stockings behind closed doors, consider some fishnets or pantyhose. 

7. Anything lace


There’s so much more than lace lingerie these days — lace is integrated into trousers, shirts, and camisoles. Lace is one of those materials that automatically reminds you of lingerie, and it adds a hint of steaminess to any outfit. Consider pairing a lace bralette with a semi-sheer top, or a lace dress. 

8. Yoga wear

Although it’s one of the most comfortable forms of attire for women to wear, guys also find yoga wear on a lady to be just as attractive as a slinky little black dress. Gym clothes can help perk up the right areas and show how fit you are — there’s nothing like a pair of high-waisted yoga pants and a matching crop top to earn some stares. 

9. Thigh high boots

Whether they’re paired with skinny jeans or a thigh-grazing sweater dress, thigh-high boots are somehow incredibly sexy without showing off skin. However, when you do show off that little strip of bare skin between the hemline and top of the boot, it will absolutely drive a man crazy. 

10. Body con dresses

Otherwise, known as dresses that hug the body tight, a body con dress helps accentuate all your feminine curves in a chic way while leaving men with their jaws hanging open. It’s classy but so seductive, and just a basic nude body con dress with sleek hair can help transform you into Kim Kardashian for the night.

11. His old shirts

You wouldn’t think that walking around in his old college tee isn’t a turn-on, but it’s one of a guy’s favorite things. Whether you’re wearing his beat-up old shirt or a button-down, there’s something about seeing you in his clothes that drives him insane in the best way possible. 

12.  A little black dress

There’s something timeless and slinky about a LBD — even if it’s just a simple t-shirt dress, there’s something about it that shows off your feminine side without trying too hard. It can be made edgy with a leather jacket, or a little softer with some strappy heels. It doesn’t distract from a woman’s natural beauty, but instead emphasizes it.