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15 Signs That Prove You Have Good Style


Have you ever wondered if you really have an enviable sense of style, or if it’s just in your head? Here are some signs that your trendiness is actually noteworthy, and you’re not imaging it.

1. Your friends, family, and co-workers frequently text you for fashion advice, or before they make an outfit purchase. As style guru, you direct them accordingly.

2. You’ve seen girls dress in the exact same outfits or brands as you, but only after they’ve seen you rock it. Hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

3. No one buys you clothes as gifts. They know they can’t get away with that generic Old Navy sweater, so they leave the chic thrifting and unique finds to you.

4. You’ve been stopped to be on a street style blog, or someone has asked to take a picture of your outfit more than once.

5. You’re pretty well schooled in style history and actually love clothing instead of jumping on the latest trend – this is a sign that you’re a true fashionista.

6. People have asked you if you’re famous, or if you’re an influencer. When someone oozes effortless style, they seem like someone important and ask if they’ve seen you before in anything. #justgowithit

7. Your boyfriend doesn’t get your look or calls it weird. That’s probably just because it’s not a black body con dress from Guess, but sometimes boys just don’t understand elevated fashion.


8. Even on days when you feel like there’s nothing to wear, you still manage to get a compliment.

9. You see one garment and automatically can think of multiple ways to rock it – that’s fashionista creativity right there!

10. You see pictures of yourself from a few months ago or a few years ago, and don’t hate your style in either.

11. You know that you don’t have to spend a boatload of money to get a chic look or make a statement – you turn as many heads with an outfit from H&M as you do with one from Barneys.

12. You can describe your sense of style in three words and feel confident about it.

13. You’ve had your clothes tailored and even consider your relationship with your tailor to be closer than with some friends.

14. Rarely do you feel self-conscious in an outfit, instead, you feel confident and at ease in most of the looks you wear.

15. You often find people and strangers looking at your #OOTD posts on Instagram for style inspiration and guidance.