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Celebs vs Katie Sturino – Style Inspo for Days

It’s still difficult to find the plus size versions of regular sized looks, especially in terms of celeb inspiration. We’re in desperate need of a plus size blogger who knows how to recreate those stars’ looks, and even tailor them to bigger gals. Luckily, the world gifted us with Katie Sturino.

9 Best Plus Size Winter Outfit Ideas

When winter comes around, we’re forced to bundle up into puffy jackets and other outerwear that makes us look like penguins. For plus size girls, it’s a seasonal dread that comes every year. Here are the best way to flatter your curves when temperatures drop.

9 Best Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas | Her Beauty

9 Best Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

A leather jacket is the perfect middle ground between a bomber and a winter coat. It still keeps your warm but is the ultimate timeless statement to add some edge to your outfits. Some people think it’s too strong of a choice for them, but there are tons of way to rock leather outerwear. Here are our favorites.

Hayley Bieber Is Going For Princess Diana Vibes In Her Vogue Photoshoot | Her Beauty

Hayley Bieber Is Going For Princess Diana Vibes In Her Vogue Photoshoot

Hailey Bieber recently graced the pages of Vogue Paris with an incredible photoshoot. She’s photographed wearing various athleisure outfits, yet she looks like a style icon, not a gym rat. If you’re wondering why that is, the answer is pretty simple. The style of this photo shoot was inspired heavily by Princess Diana’s casual style and what she wore when she wasn’t busy attending royal events.