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Tika The Iggy Gets Names 5 Trends For Dogs


It’s not every day that Vogue decides to interview an animal. But Tika isn’t just any animal. Tika is an Italian greyhound that will stun you with her taste in fashion and her style. She’s the hottest doggy fashionista of the year and a self-proclaimed gay icon. Tika lives in Montreal, Canada, and if you are passionate about fashion and dream of reaching any kind of success in life, you better listen up to what Tika has to say. 

Tika has a million followers on Instagram and 1,1m on TikTok, she has her own merch, fans all over the world, and now a feature in Vogue. She’s basically made it. She slays both in photos and videos, she’s a trendsetter and an inspiration. 

Tika is so famous that celebrities ask her opinion on what’s stylish and what’s not. Even the style queen Priyanka Chopra has called Tike up to ask for fashion advice and modeled a few outfits to see what looks best. 


When @priyankachopra calls for fashion advice, you pick up! Script and voice by @lorenapages #italiangreyhound #fyp

♬ original sound – Lorena Pages

At this point, we’re pretty sure Tika can get an invite to fashion week in Paris or London if she wanted to. We’re thinking of either front row seats or perhaps even a walk on the runway for a luxury fashion brand.


ParisFashionWeek! Thank you #AshiStudio for inviting me, hopefully I can be at the next show in person. #italiangreyhound #fyp #couture

♬ original sound – tikatheiggy

Speaking of fashion brands, in her interview with Vogue, Tika revealed that her dream brand to work with would be Valentino, and her ultimate style icon is Celine Dion. 


While most of us are spending our quarantine days in sweatpants Tika still tried to push fashion boundaries and dresses up every day. She’s all about fitted athleisure, and the brighter the better. Tika truly likes mixing colors and textures. You know you’ve got a knack for fashion when instead of dressing basic at home, you go for outfits that could be seen as “too much”. 

In fact, Tika has shared what she considers to be the biggest trends for dogs this year. It’s all about bright tracksuits, turtlenecks, faux-fur coats (like her favorite “Gummy Bear” one), knee-high boots and a well-fitted trench coat is a must.

Tika also shared her biggest beauty secret, which is sleeping around 20 hours every day, but not all at once, you just gotta nap every hour. She makes sure to stay hydrated too. Tika also likes to keep it chic in quarantine and firmly believes that when going on a date one should not be shy, instead try to express yourself through your clothes as best you can. 

Tika, like most of us, is dreaming of going on vacation and hoping to maybe go to Paris this summer, if the pandemic rules allow it. If not, she’ll keep herself busy with her social media and stylish photoshoots. In fact, she’s pretty excited about the possibility of virtual catwalks.