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15 Style Tips From Asian Women


It’s not a secret that Asian women always stand out from the rest of the crowd. Asian cultures have rich history, so when it comes to style we’re always talking about the mix of old and new, classy and trendy, conservative and crazy. If you want to exude that magical Asian charm, catching glances wherever you go, here are 15 style tips from Asian women.


Invest in ripped jeans

This trend has been around for some time and just doesn’t seem to disappear. Whether we like it or not, ripped jeans are here to stay! So, if you want to look trendy and a bit daring, opt for a pair of ripped denims that can fit both a casual occasion and something you wear for a special event.

Get a choker

We really don’t know what is it about chokers, but they just keep coming back! Korean girls look effortless wearing them – like they were born with the thing! Chokers are attention-grabbers and look really good with an off-the-shoulder top.

Put on a two-piece dress

Layering is something Korean girls like very much. Most of them aren’t very comfortable with wearing revealing summer dresses, that’s why a new cute trend emerged – pairing them with a blouse or a tee! It can look elegant, girly, or simply sweet depending on the look you’re going for.

Get yourself a hat

Korean women are real experts in hats, beanies, berets, baseball caps, and all kinds of head gear that can change a boring outfit into a blazing fashion statement piece in a blink of an eye. Don’t underestimate the power of a hat!

Try a ruffled blouse

We know it sounds too girly, but Korean women somehow make it work! This new blouse trend is sweet, soft, and adds a feminine touch to the whole look. If you don’t want to wear a dress, but still want to create a ‘dressy’ look, then this blouse is perfect for you.


Go oversize

There’s no denying the fact Japanese ladies have their very own peculiar style. From the vibrant girls of Harajuku to 100% minimalism in fashion, Japanese beauties have a wide range of fashion choices. One of them is the casual oversized street look. Just grab an oversized T, a pair of baggy denims, and you’re good to go!

Try bold prints

A statement print is something that can easily go south, but if you wear it the right way and with loads of confidence, it will become a real attention-grabber. Go for a unique tie-die print to maximise the effect.


Play with length

You must have notices that Japanese women aren’t too tall, that’s why they like to experiment with clothes of different length. A long lined cardigan will make you look tall and slim no matter what you wear underneath.

Go trendy with your black-and-white

Black-and-white may be a classic combination, but we can all agree that it is a bit outdated and the more time goes by, the harder it gets to look fresh and effortless in a black-and-white gamma. This is where Japanese beauties get inventive and opt to the trendiest black and white pieces to create an unusual look everyone will remember.

Think outside of the box

Apparently it all comes to thinking out of the box when you dress up. Have a long sweater? Then turn it into a stylish look with a belt at the waist. Think overalls are for kids? Try pairing them with a vintage Tee and a dropped strap. It’s all about the unique perspective!


Learn the art of draping

Indian women are real pros at draping. Almost every outfit of an Indian lady has a dupatta or pallu that most of the time looks very classy and elegant. There are different styles of draping depending on the silhouette you want to create. One dupatta can go a long way!

Dangling earrings are a must

If there’s anything Indian women know how to do good is accessorizing one’s look. Gone are the days when they simply put on half of their accessory kit and started their days. The new trend is all about minimalism and statement pieces like a pair of gorgeous log earrings.

Make sure it all fits well

This simple tip may seem unnecessary, but a good fit can turn an okay look into a stunning one. Whether you’re wearing a gorgeous lehenga or a light summer sari, it is key that everything fits you properly.

Mix Western and Indian

It’s all about creating the perfect balance of old and new, Western and Asian. Don’t hesitate to take your fave crop top and pair it with a vibrant lehenga for a fresh and unique look. Show off your draping skills with a suitable dupatta to turn it into a classy evening wear.

Try out a henna design

Henna designs have gone extremely popular and for a good reason. Now not only brides wear them, but fashionistas from all over the world as well! Henna designs look especially good when you rock an Indian outfit, of course, but you don’t have to go overboard with the design itself. Think minimalistic with few elements and elegant lines.