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Are Your Best Jeans Low Rise or High Rise?


In 2022, it seems like skinny jeans are out and wide-legged trousers are in — according to Millennials, at least. Now, another trend is sparking debates worldwide: the comeback of low-rise jeans. The low rider look does have a slightly rock n’ roll look that’s enticing in a Coyote Ugly kind of way. Still, people are wondering if it favors certain body types and if it makes sense with the way that fashion is moving forward today. 

While Gen Z is completely obsessed with the low-rise jean trend as seen on Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner leading the charge, some Millennials aren’t quite sure if this one deserves a comeback. Both low-waisted and high-waisted options have their benefits — here are all the pros and cons to weigh.

Pros of High Waisted

High-waisted skirts and bands accentuate the waistline and natural curves of the body. It can also give your body some more length. All of a sudden, you can pair flowing maxi skirts with a bralette outdoors, or wear trousers with a simple tank top to the office. By covering the lower torso, high-waisted jeans allow for some pretty unique outfits.

High-waisted jeans are also a stylish option — we love them with a cropped sweater, but they can be worn with practically anything. They help accentuate an hourglass figure and even act like shapewear, flattening the stomach. However, some people feel that this is constricting and especially uncomfortable to eat in. 

Cons of High Waisted Bottoms

Of course, going high-waisted has its cons as well. If you’re adding it to a specific capsule wardrobe, you need to make sure that there are other garments that will pair well with it. For instance- shirts that need to be tucked in or cropped. With high-waisted, you’ll always be presented with the decision of asking yourself: tuck it in or leave it out?

There are sometimes issues with both — if you leave it out, the waistline is immediately lost. If you tuck it in, it takes on a bulky look. For this reason, some are deciding to go low-waisted, as it can be a more versatile option for a variety of outfits.

Additionally, everyone’s waistline is in a different place. Some of us have short waists and others have longer torsos, so jeans will always hit somewhere different and not necessarily where advertised. If you’re nodding your head right now, you might want to consider mid-rise jeans, which are a happy middle ground.


For high-waisted items, you’ll require the right shirts and knowledge of your waist height.

Pros of Low Waisted Bottoms

Low-waisted jeans are popping up everywhere this year, and while they are a controversial topic, we can see why people adore them so much. It shows off the bottom half of your waist and hips, allowing for cool jewelry like waist beads. Just like high-waisted bottoms, they show off your curves and body in a new way. For a daring evening or party look, pair low-waisted pants with a crop top and some chic jewelry accessories. 

Cons of Low Waisted Bottoms

The influencers of 2022 look like something out of a time capsule from the 90s or early 2000s. However, it’s not necessarily the most body-positive look and is often encouraged in skinnier bodies only. Not everybody is comfortable showing off their midriff in this way, and it does leave the stomach rather open. Everyone’s comfort level varies, but there’s a gorgeous low-rise option out there for every body type — for instance, you might feel more comfortable with a skirt that has a looser elastic waistband rather than a tight pair of low-rise jeans.

Another con of low-rise jeans is that you need to be a little cautious when you bend over since this garment can be more revealing than high-waisted alternatives. Additionally, low-rise jeans provide less pocket space for phones and other accessories. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and how you interpret your own sense of style. And you can always mix things up = there’s no need to be a dedicated low-rise or high-rise person. Just go with your gut and wear what makes you feel confident!