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Royals, Celebs And Politicians Showing Support to Ukraine


Although many politicians, members of the Royal family and celebrities avoid politics, the Ukraine crisis isn’t just a political one — it’s a humanitarian one. For this reason, the entire world has rallied to support Ukraine and its people in the midst of this tragedy. Here are all the famous and influential folks showing support.

1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton showed support for Ukraine as she wore a blue sweater and a blue and yellow bade on a trip to London’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre. The Duchess of Cambridge arrived to learn more about the efforts to fight back against the war and support those affected. The sweater was an Alexander McQueen look, which was meant to match the Ukrainian flag.

2. Queen Letizia

Making a strong humanitarian statement, Queen Letizia wore a vyshyvanka. This is a traditional embroidered blouse that’s often worn by Ukrainian people. The Spanish queen paired it with black pants and heels. She wore the look to a ceremony at the Mutua Madrileña Foundation in Madrid. Spain is one of the 141 of the United Nations to condemn this Russian invasion. 

3. Nancy Pelosi

House speaker Nancy Pelosi showed solidarity for Ukraine with her chic blue blazer, paired with a pin that had the flags of Ukraine and the US on it. This was worn during her State of the Union address, and many other senators showed support by wearing the pins as well, like Kamala Harris’s pin in her own blazer. 

4. Joe Biden 

The US president himself wore a yellow and blue tie to announce the ban on Russian energy imports as a move in the scheme of the recent economic sanctions campaign. In the same speech, he called Putin a “dictator” in his speech. The striped tie was a nod to the country’s flag and his wife Jill Biden also wore a blue dress, with a sunflower embroidered on her sleeve. 


5. Isabel Marant

Fashion designer Isabel Marant had her own take on supporting the nation, wearing a Ukrainian flag jumper in her signature Parisian chic look. She wore it at the Place Colette, near the Palais-Royal, paired with loose pants and casual shoes. The hours before the show took place, Marant went to IG to voice her brand’s support of Ukraine, and to mention that her Endowment Fund had donated to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and UNICEF. 

6. Carolyn Maloney

U.S Rep Carolyn Maloney, who is the chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, opted out of the blue and yellow trend, and instead chose to wear a fully traditional Ukrainian outfit for President Biden’s State of the Union address.  Maloney also represents Manhattan’s Little Ukraine neighbourhood in congress.

7. Salma Hayek

In a photo posing with Kim Kardashian during Paris Fashion Week, Salma Hayek wore an oversized tunic that was blue on the top and yellow on the bottom. It’s worth commending Salma for wearing this modest show of humanitarian advocacy when she could have just worn an attention-grabbing look intended for the paparazzi like her buddy Kim.