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Opera Gloves Are The Best Trend To Bring The Drama


Looking for the most extra accessory of the season? Opera gloves are officially the new trend that’s here to stay. Since they were a vintage classic dating back to the 19th century, it makes sense that these stunning accessories would make a comeback. A popular choice for New Year’s and holiday events, this opera glove trend used to only be for the rich and elite. They usually reached up to the elbow or even longer and were worn to show class, but also covered up the hands of a woman, since they were the taboo “organ of touch”. As a result, these gloves were eroticized by the public and worn by many a sexy celeb like Marylin Monroe.

Today, they’ve trickled down to the masses and anyone can rock an opera glove, but they’re definitely a more formal accessory, right? The truth is, while you’ll want to pull out for parties and formal social events there are many ways that you can wear this accessory. Recently, we’ve seen many celebs hopping on this trend like Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 Grammys. At the same event, Da Lipa and Billy Porter also rocked the trend. And most importantly, can they be worn with a wardrobe that isn’t full of ballgowns. It looks like opera gloves are here to stay, but how would you wear them?

A cheeky way to infuse glamour into daily outfits

If you’re all about bringing the drama, you’ll love wearing this trend. They’re elegant and sophisticated, adding the same effect that a good pair of heels or a piece of jewelry does to an outfit. Most importantly, they make a statement without taking up too much room in your closet.

This trend can be used to your advantage in a range of ways, making it one of the most versatile styles of the season. If you live in a cold climate, opt for gloves made of warmer materials like wool or velvet, tucking them beneath the sleeves of your winter jacket. If you want a sexier effect, opt for lace, silk or mesh, which pairs well with slinky dresses or all-black looks. Save x Fenty even sells some gorgeous mesh dotted ones, and Rick Owens sell wool opera gloves. With all these stars jumping on the opera glove bandwagon, just as many designers are churning out new and innovative looks.


They match with everything

You might think that this accessory is hard to coordinate with outfits, but that’s not at all true. While a black dress and opera glove combination is pretty much foolproof, there are other ways to add gloves to outfits. Adding gloves is also a great way to rejuvenate an old outfit that you’ve worn one too many times. 

Although they can be worn with a casual outfit, they do work best with fancier looks. However, you can wear them with all kinds of dresses, including mini, maxi and midi. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make more of a statement, opt for a bold print but keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral. Or, you can clash prints for a loud, maximalist outfit that will turn heads at a party. Going monochromatic is also 

But most importantly? The key is confidence because the fact is that anybody wearing long evening gloves is exuding main character energy and they should definitely lean into it. Channel your inner Marylin Monroe when you wear your gloves, and don’t be afraid to buy a couple of pairs made from different materials so you can really experiment with outfits and find what fits your vibe. Whether you’re wearing them to the grocery store or a night out with the girls, these gloves will enhance any outfit.