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Victoria’s Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled


Victoria's Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled | Her Beauty

The iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show has come to an end. Some people are upset about it, but forte most part, models and the public alike are ecstatic that such an outdated notion as the VS fashion show is being put to rest in what would have been its 25th year. Last year, their viewers dropped to 3.3 million viewers.

Why outdated, you ask? Well, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show tends to showcase women that are generally extremely skinny and white. Their idea of diversity, when asked, seemed to showcase brunette and red-haired models, as opposed to models of color. Sure, they have a few flavors on the runway, but for the most part, it’s been overwhelmingly bland.

In the words of the brand itself, after the announcement of the cancellation, they said, “we’re figuring out how to advance the brand.” By that, we hope they mean is “we’re going to make ourselves woke on the definition of diversity.”

Back in October 2018, Robyn Lawley, a plus size model for Sports Illustrated, called for a Victoria’s Secret boycott with a powerful petition, part of which read, “As women I want us all to join together and say I AM enough, I AM beautiful, I AM unique and I WANT to see my body shape represented in your shows or I vow to never buy your product again!”


Even Kate Upton has spoken out about how their streamlined look is a “snoozefest” on Andy Cohen’s Show “Watch What Happens Live.”

Such a public and celebrated show, as a result, has caused a distorted sense of self image and even eating disorders for women in and out of the industry. In this day and age, there’s no excuse not to be body positive or culturally inclusive for any brand.

Also, the brand has been tied to Jeffrey Epstein. The billionaire with ties of chronic abuse to young girls and women. No thank you.

We’re looking forward to seeing what empowering runway show the lingerie world will replace this with, brands that celebrates gorgeous women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. And frankly, the lingerie is better than VS.