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26 Valery Kaufman Facts To Know – Jared Leto’s Secret Girlfriend

Valery Kaufman is a popular Victoria’s Secret model who also happens to be Jared Leto’s on and off bae since 2015. I mean, she’s even met his mom. If we were Jared, we would lock it down. He has a history of dating Russian models, but it seems that there’s something about this European looker that has been hard to give up, even after 5 years.

Victoria's Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled | Her Beauty

Victoria’s Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled

The iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show has come to an end. Some people are upset about it, but forte most part, models and the public alike are ecstatic that such an outdated notion as the VS fashion show is being put to rest in what would have been its 25th year.