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10 Real Castle Hotels Fit For A Princess


Times and genre roles have evolved, but many women still want to feel like a majestic princess (or as we prefer, queen), with of course her own luxurious castle at her complete disposal. You can make those dreams come true by staying at one of these very real and very fabulous castle hotels which are dotted all over the world. Here are our top picks.

1. Zamek Reszel Kreativ Hotel, Poland

This Gothic castle complete with a Rapunzel towel is located in Poland, and has been standing sine the 14th century. It’s been many things: a lodge for hunters, a prison…but today, it’s a dramatic place to host any memorable occasion that you never want to forget. This massive, elegant castle is filled with only 21 suites, so rent it out with your friends and rule for a day!

2. Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

Want to stay in a luxurious European castle that the likes of FDR and Winston Churchill also once stayed? The Chateau Frontenac in Canada has a very VIP guest list, and you can join it without needing to hop on a transatlantic flight.

3. Peckforton Castle, England

Set in lush foliage in England, the architecture of this castle is as impressive as its offered amenities. Take your pick from falconry or archery. Before you retire in your lavish four poster bed. You can even do some contemporary off-roading in a Land Rover of your choice to explore castle grounds.

4. Kinersta Hotel, Greece

What’s better than being able to live in a castle in Greece, perched on the southernmost tip of Europe? This mansion meets fortress has a rich history that dates back at least hundreds of years and showcases numerous styles like Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman.

5. Oheka Castle Hotel, NY

Located in Huntington, NY, this well manicured  castle and its ground looks like something out of a fairytale. It only cost a meager 11 million to build, and in the roaring ‘20s, was known as a sanctuary for royalty, celebrities, and anyone with a certain level of wealth.


6. Taj Lake Palace, India

Set smack dab in the middle of Lake Pichola, India, this majestic palace is constructed of white marble and has stood since the 1740s as an island getaway for Udaipur’s loyalty. Amidst the lily ponds and five-star silk sheets.

7. Xara Palace, Malta

Once home to a Maltese family belonging to nobility, this palace was soon after converted into a base for the Brits in WWII. Today, it is a much more opulent residence for tourists that looks out on a pretty piazza and is adorned by Maltese art.

8. La Mamounia, Morocco

After three years of anticipation, La Momounia has finally reopened after renovation. This magnificent Moroccan locale has earned tons of travel awards, and for good reason. Mesmerizing Arabesque details and mosaics make this the ultimate IG backdrop.

9. Relais La Suvera, Italy

This castle was donated to the pope after being owned by the Lordship of Siena in the Middle Ages. Do yourself better than Eat Pray Love and visit the Tuscan paradise which home 36 decadent rooms looking out onto postcard-like vineyards and olive groves.

10. Hotel de la Cite, France

Nothing to cap off a fairytale castle list like a turret-filled masterpiece in Carcassonne, France. This historic town has held onto all of the charm filling its medieval streets, and you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to another time.