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Redhead Baker Creates Epic Pie Art And Towering Pie Scrapers


Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin has the ultimate job – especially for all you with a sweet-tooth out there. She’s a judge on The Food Network and has invented something called the “Pie Scraper”. What is a Pie Scraper, you ask? Well, it’s a pie that is built upwards using a variety of tricks to keep the structure stable while adding as much height as possible.

She got the idea from the theory that pies are always the underdog when compared to cakes. At big events and weddings, cakes take the center stage because of their robust size and, more notably, height.

If you can make a three-tiered cake, why not make a vertically gorgeous pie that’s as epic as its baked good rival? From there, this pie master created a book called “Pie Modding” which is the ultimate guide to pie decorating.

Jessica’s Instagram showcases the best of her pie designs and has collected her 68,000 followers. Whether it’s an imaginative approach to the Roaring 20s or a Kermit and Miss Piggy recreation, Jess has nailed it. She can even do people!

We love how this pie artist designs not just with her crust but incorporates the design in her fillings, be it fruit or chocolate. The colors are always so rich, warm, and vibrant.

Her pie ideas are just as creative as her execution. On her website piesareawesome.com, Jess posts a range of helpful content, from chocolate silk wedding pie-scraper and Disney Princess pie fan art to Mother’s Day pie ideas that don’t suck.

It’s not all creativity when it comes to making the perfect pie – Jessica says that it’s equal parts scientific and artistic. A lot of measuring goes into it, along with baking skills. She said that making mistakes and trying new things did create disasters, but created just as many opportunities.

The site features tutorials, but we expect more of a “Nailed It” episode situation than a Pinterest-Perfect recreation on our part. Either way, practice makes perfect…


Many of the food Instagrams get critics saying that it wastes food for the sake of design, but Jessica often posts Instagram stories of her kids devouring them, saying “yes, we do eat them!” We love that she’s so modest and unpretentious about her unreal baking skills. We stan a baking queen that doesn’t take herself too seriously.

We’re obsessed with the concept of the pie as the underdog and kind of have to agree. Don’t you usually add some whipped cream or ice cream to jazz your pie up? We shouldn’t have to, and pies shouldn’t need to be boring. Here’s to Jessica starting a trend.

A goal of Jessica’s is also to show that pies are easy, which many of her social media fans can attest to. This baker has no secrets – she’s all about openness, sharing the love, and responding to as many of her fans as possible.

This redheaded baker babe has produced tons of pie videos exclusively for The Food Network, but that’s not all she’s accomplished. She ran a Kickstarter that ended at 1600%, has been featured on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and has been given a shoutout by reputable publications such as Food & Wine, People, and CNN.

She says this all started with a New Year’s resolution to not eat sugar for a year. Three months in, she got deep cravings for desserts and out of desperation, learned how to bake pies. Her first pie was an apple pie that she took a picture of. She then did a pirate ship design on pie and slowly started getting traction all over the internet.

Jessica says she’s inspired by all sorts of things, but pop culture is really her bread and butter. She also has a passion for Sci-Fi and fantasy.

Plus, her sense of humor is pretty killer, and she gives us as many pie pun dad jokes as well can handle. This baker says that anyone can bake pies like her. In an interview with True Calling Media, she said that all you need is an “embarrassing lack of fear.”

If anything, she’s a lesson in self-esteem that encourages us all to have the confidence to go for it and take a risk rather than doubting yourself and to constantly seek knowledge to better yourself along the way. After all, it’s these types of random things that can end up making you a viral pie sensation on the internet.