12 Truths You’ll Understand If You Grew Up In A Big City

Growing up in a big city as a kid as a breathtaking and sometimes overwhelming experience that you’ll never be able to forget. It’s engrained deep in your psyche and soul, and that’s not a bad thing. Here are some truths that are undeniable, for city kids.



1. Small talk is incredibly boring for you, even though it’s a normal way for people to interact with each other in the morning. That’s just because they didn’t have an outrageous city around them to provide more interesting topics, though.



2. Not having a curfew and going out at all hours. Some of the best memories were on those hot summer nights past midnight. If parents actually enacted a curfew, it’s rare that kids did comply. How do you raise your kid in the concrete jungle and not expect them to live wildly?


3. Having fashion that was shaped by the ultimate street style. While other kids had to scroll through fashion sites and Tumblr, you had it right in your backyard, able to see it first hand and create your own innovative looks, from the best stores in the world.



4. It’s suspicious if people are too nice, whereas in other countries, being nice is a sign of hospitality and kindness. Big city kids are raised with an extra dose of realness and seeing through the BS.

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