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5+ Reasons Curvy Women Are Irresistible To Men


Men love plus-size women, and they’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops — or social media, for that matter. Plus size women aren’t only loved for their bodies, however. Their charm, self-confidence, and captivating appeal capture the hearts of men everywhere. Those sensational curves are just a bonus that increases their attractiveness even further.  Here are all the reasons why men find curvy women irresistible.

1. Their hugs are incredible

Who doesn’t love snuggling? Guys often enjoy cuddling with their partner, and this is one area where curvy girls certainly have an advantage. Some men prefer curvier or bigger women for the same reason they prefer body pillows to regular pillows. There’s simply more to love!

2. They’re naturally positive

Curvy girls haven’t always had it easy compared to skinny girls, and they’re much more charming and charismatic because of that. A curvy girl is never dull to spend time with. In fact, they’re usually quite chatty, positive, friendly, and fun, with many admirable personality traits. Who doesn’t want a gorgeous and special girl that keeps that relationship lively?

3. Dining with a curvy girl is so much more fun

Curvy girls know that eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and they approach mealtime with joy. That’s why eating with a curvy girl on a date is simply the best. Eating is one of the most popular relationship activities, whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for years, and obsessive dieting is no fun.


4. Their confidence is unrivaled

Through all the tough challenges and experiences they’ve been through, curvy girls have had to develop thicker skin and work to boost their confidence over time. They can handle difficult situations more readily and have done the work to accept and appreciate who they are. High self-esteem is one of the best qualities in a partner that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

5. They’re very compassionate and nurturing 

Curvier women are often more nurturing, and their potential for compassion is exceptional. They’ve often been seen as more loving and caring, with the priority of putting others first. Curvy women also truly love to spend quality time with their partners and don’t have a problem finding joy in the small things like cooking a meal together, having a deep talk, or just having a laugh.

6. Men adore their figures

Men go crazy for women with voluptuous hips, thighs, and other intriguing curves. These feminine physical features are insanely appealing. It’s also proven that men like to choose women with wider hips due to evolution and the fact that women with curves are perceived to be more fertile. 

No matter what a woman looks like, she’s gorgeous just as she is. Amidst all the unrealistic expectations on social media and societal beauty standards, women can be seriously affected by low self-esteem. For this reason, it’s important to remember that differences are what make us beautiful, not flawed.