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Why Mommy Influencer Taylor Paul Is So Controversial


If you are tuned into social media, you may have seen all of the controversy surrounding influencer Taylor Paul. She is a mommy influencer who is a part of the Mormon community. Mormons are based within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They are headquartered in Utah, and many of them live in Utah as well. Taylor Paul is probably one of the most well known mommy bloggers who are also Mormon, as she has over 3 million followers on TikTok. While she is well known for a lot of positive things, she has a lot of drama surrounding her brand as well. She has what is known as a MomTok page, which is where a lot of the drama is created and found. Read on to find out why mommy influencer Taylor Paul is so controversial. 


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Taylor’s TikTok is full of videos and posts about her family and life. She really gives her fans a front row seat to all of the craziness that goes on in her bubble. As some may know, she is going through a divorce from her ex husband Tate Paul. This shouldn’t be anything too surprising, as research shows that marriages have a 39 percent chance of ending in the United States. But what got a lot of attention on her page is a post that she made about someone other than her ex husband. It was a video of her singing a love song to another person. Apparently, this is how many of her followers found out that her and her ex husband were splitting. 

What makes things even more tense with her fans is the big reveal of what led to their split. Paul went on Instagram live recently and divulged all the juicy details about the nature of the couple’s relationship. She ended up telling the world that her and her husband were what is called “soft swingers.” This is when you have an arrangement to be intimate with other people outside of the relationship, but have a boundary in place where you “don’t go all the way.” She said that she broke that arrangement. “We had an agreement, all of us, and I did step out of that agreement,” she said. 


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Taylor Paul mentioned that while this did cause problems in the relationship, there were other things that created issues in their marriage. She has never shared these challenges with her TikTok fans, but said that certain things have transpired that ended up being deal breakers for their relationship. She rules the swinger situation as “the tip of the iceberg” in their relationship troubles. 



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Now, many people have speculated as to who was the additional party involved with Taylor Paul. Some have even joked that the other MomTok mommy influencers could be involved, calling them all sister wives. She has not divulged any names but did share that there are others in the MomTok sphere who have relationship issues as well. “There are three divorces in our friend group right now,” she shared. Apparently another one of these divorces is also related to the soft swinger scandal. 


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Paul said that her friends have been there for her during this time. “MomTok has been supportive,” she said. It has been a difficult time for her and this scandal has led to her making some changes. It would seem that she is no longer a member of the Mormon swingers club. She appears to be happy and committed to the guy in her love song TikTok video, which is Dakota Mortensen. Many have wondered how the Mormon church will react to the controversy around Taylor right now. She personally doesn’t anticipate much backlash. “The LDS Church did get the most clicks they have ever got this summer. So I don’t think they’re going to kick out one of their biggest marketers,” she said.