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Ukrainian Soldiers Rescue Puppy — It Becomes Their Trusty Watchdog


The recent developments in the Russian-Ukrainian war are saddening, to say the least. These are uncertain times, and millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee the country or seek refuge in bomb shelters.

Still, it’s in these moments that we appreciate kindness the most — especially since it seems so scarce right now. We found a story that’s a shining example of the inner kindness we can conjure up, even in the toughest of times. In Donbass, Ukrainian soldiers came across Rambo, a puppy that went viral online and earned millions of views.

Rambo is the newest (and most adorable) member on the Donbass frontline

As verified by The Independent, several Ukrainian soldiers confirmed that they came across a frightened and freezing stray puppy. They decided to take him in. After all, who can resist a pup in need? A video of the event was recorded and posted by Freedom News on February 16.

Rambo warmed everyone’s heart

The puppy was small and black, with light coloring on his belly and legs. He was recorded proudly strutting the base and getting to know his new home. One of the soldiers sweetly commented that Rambo was their new protector. We’d have to say that he’s doing a fantastic job. 

Soldiers call him “our security”

Rambo is a working pup and he takes his job very seriously. One of the troop members tells Freedom News TV that being security is “his job” and he always alerts his fellow soldiers if there’s a stranger nearby. 

Another commented that Rambo was the “best doggo.” He looks like he fits right in with his comrade, stomping around in the mud, not asking for much except the love of his new family. A small creature with a big impact, the tiny Rambo brought so many people joy during an incredibly difficult time. 

Just how small was the puppy?

He could fit in the palm of your hand, according to one troop member who recalls the beginning of their friendship. He followed this up by saying that there were a couple of other puppies, but they prefer to stay in the kitchen area.

Who are Rambo’s siblings?

As we mentioned, Rambo isn’t the only canine hanging with the Ukrainian soldiers and bringing some lightness to these hard times. However, his older siblings also protect their pack, with a soldier commenting it’s helpful many times: “something that a human won’t hear, the dog will, they feel it.” No wonder we call them man’s best friend! 

His siblings are Muha, Babai, and Malisha, whose name translates to “baby”. They also chimed in on the conversation.


It’s a hard time to smile, but dogs help

Staying optimistic in these trying times can feel impossible. The troops ended the Freedom News TV articles by saying, “Missing home, of course, been here for a little too long now.” Many of them have had to leave their families behind as they stay and fight. These dogs are a therapeutic and peaceful presence in their lives, and they are even helping to save lives with their unique skills and enhancing hearing that us humans don’t have.

Check out Rambo’s story and troop interviews here 

Here, you can meet Rambo and the other “trench pups” in Donbass. We hope that Rambo, his siblings, and all the troops remain safe and get to be with their families soon. Hopefully, this war is one that will end soon and only exist in history textbooks.


People all over the world leave comments filled with love

Readers all over are sharing in this new optimism, and many commenters are filled with love for the pups and their new pack. One user says, “be well tiny Rambo” while another says, “It’s that kind of emotionally charged situation, any relief is welcome I’m sure. A puppy is an amazing thing. I sincerely hope nobody gets hurt.” Some comments are short and sweet, while others find it tough to separate the context of the situation with the adorable puppy.

We read a comment that says, “why is this so sad to watch” while another reflects that as the world watches the explosions and buildings destroyed, “I’m gonna have “I hope Rambo is ok” in the back of my head”.

Do your part and donate to the case

As you get to know these animals and their humans, we encourage you to do what you can to help Ukraine in this devastating battle for their lives. If you’re unsure of where to donate, consider contributing to Monobank and the Return Alive Foundation, which are both heading important campaigns that are funding Ukrainian war efforts.